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Young actors and singers: the first Premio Gennaro Cannavacciuolo is underway

The Premio Gennaro Cannavacciuolo (Gennaro Cannavacciuolo Prize) is born for young singers and actors aged 18 to 33, with free participation.

Rome, January 16th, 2024 – The Gennaro Cannavacciuolo Cultural Association intends to offer support with a cash prize and some specific benefits to talented young actors and singers, through the establishment of the Premio Gennaro Cannavacciuolo.

The aim of the prize, with free participation, is to give space and support Italian actors and singers between the ages of 18 and 33 who can be distinguished by their expressive and multifaceted ability, as well as by their technical preparation or innate ability to deal with comedy, tragic, the cabaret, the revue, sung and ballad operas, such as the operetta, the song-theater and the musical, like what was brought to the stage by Gennaro Cannavacciuolo.

Gennaro Canavacciuolo Prize

A prestigious initiative, in close contact with the world of Italian theater and cinema, from which prominent members were chosen to form a high-profile jury: Pino Strabioli (director, actor, journalist and presenter), Luciano Mattia Cannito (choreographer and director), Enzo Decaro (actor and screenwriter), Barbara Giordani (casting director) and Maria Giuseppina Troccoli (Extraordinary Commissioner Roma Lazio Film Commission).

The deadline for the announcement expires on February 14th, 2024 and the awards ceremony will be held in Rome on May 24th, 2024 with the performance of the finalist candidates; the winner will be offered concrete support for his professional goals.

The registration form and participation methods can be consulted and downloaded hereย 

Gennaro Cannavacciuolo was a talented actor-singer, from Pozzuoli (Naples), known for his versatility, his scenic rigor and his great elegance, values that the association wants to remember but above all to promote among the new generations.

Introduction to the competition announcement

The Gennaro Cannavacciuolo Cultural Association, with headquarters via Valtravaglia, 38 00141 Rome, C.F. 96566640585, announces a competition for the awarding of a prize aimed at supporting and promoting an Italian actor/actress-singer.

With an approach aimed at enhancing the personal resources of the new generations, the Association will offer the opportunity of a cash prize as well as some benefits, involving private and public entities from the cultural world, which will want to recognize the high cultural value of the profession of actor.

Starting from the indisputable cultural level of a personality like Gennaro Cannavacciuolo, who has always placed artistic training, theatrical experimentation, attention to new expressive models over market logic, who has always looked to the “masters” of international culture with a wise and refined cultural approach, the association wants to start with determination and conviction precisely from a rich, multifaceted and original cultural dimension. For this reason it is necessary to start from the definition of Culture.

* Culture is everything that has an unifying function between people: it unites peoples, ethnic groups, generations: think of the many books, music, paintings or films for which there are no borders, nor political or religious beliefs;

* Culture is everything that reveals the individual: although aggregating, culture brings out the diversity and individuality of the person;

* Culture is everything that makes us free: it gives us critical ability and in addition to making us (re)discover ourselves, our vitality and identity, it frees us from often limiting conditioning;

* Culture is everything that is capable of raising the quality of life and making man better, bringing him into a dimension that we would define as spiritual, in a timeless continuum.

The organizers thank the sponsor and partners, thanks to whom it was possible to create the first Gennaro Cannavacciuolo Award:

Young actors and singers: the first Gennaro Cannavacciuolo Award is underway

Premio Gennaro Cannavacciuolo