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Welcome to the eight issue!

For this vibrant issue, we have been thrilled to meet a diverse range of guests who embody the essence of Southern Italy, particularly Naples with its rich cultural tapestry. With a cover photo shot by Iranian photographer Salar Charmi this issue opens from the lively Quartieri Spagnoli to the busy streets of New York and Los Angeles, each guest brings a unique perspective and talent to our pages. But first of all we want to thank those who made possible the realization of this issue: namely our supporters and friends Low Pulse Project, Parvafolium, Mario Pagliarulo, Gracon Productions, Tropis Hotel, Mariana Martine, P.A. studios. At this point let’s begin by entering the fascinating world of the famous photographer Ciro Pipoli who reveals his breathtaking collection, made up of 159 splendid photographs capturing the soul of Naples and which are collected in his first book. Join us in celebrating the young, beautiful Neapolitan stylist Miles, whose charm, grace and independence shine through in every one of her creations. Discover together the extraordinary humanitarian commitment of soprano Olga De Maio and tenor Luca Lupoli, who, alongside their careers as opera singers, organize events and initiatives, through their association, to support the most vulnerable in our community. Alessandro Martire, pianist and composer from lake Como, but of Calabrian origins, arrives with his live performances on the stages of New York and Los Angeles to enchant the audience with his musical ability. The multifaceted talent of Maldestro, whose poetic intuitions and award-winning musical compositions inspire audiences and are now evolving into a new artistic season. Marco Critelli, friendly magician and comedian, shares the secrets of his fascinating career. Let’s meet the, New York based, emerging movie star Chris Matteis, who has Neapolitan roots, a deep love for the Napoli soccer team and feelings that infuse his performances with passion and authenticity. You will admire and appreciate the inspiring insights and genius of the artist-philosopher Nera D’Auto through her magnificent installation presented at CERN. In addition to our esteemed guests, this issue features a captivating selection of poems by Rosanna Bazzano, Domenico Cipriano and Floriana Coppola, each offering a unique glimpse into the panorama of feelings. Gennaro Silvestro‘s world is tinged with a thousand colors as he navigates the worlds of theatre, cinema and television series. Enjoy the interview with Roberto Lipari the funny and intelligent comedian, who is riding the wave as host of a prime time television program in Italy, and is currently on tour with a new theater show. We take an introspective journey with Marco Mario De Notaris from his passion for comics to his first movie, an avant-garde work steeped in poetry. If reading makes you hungry we invite you to savor every bite of the tasty recipes of the affable Natascia, famous social media star. Did you know that you can enjoy authentic Neapolitan “pizza fritta” in Japan? Discover this and more in our coverage of NAPD, a culinary paradise that offers a taste of Naples abroad. To stay on the topic of food we recommend you to be ready for the video recipes of a Calabrian mom’s sweet and delicacies, soon available exclusively on!

As we say goodbye to winter and welcome the flowers of spring, we express our gratitude to all who follow us. Your generosity and support fuel our mission to show the world the vibrant spirit and creativity of Naples.

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