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Watch the “Premio Penisola Sorrentina” on RAI Cinema

Premio Penisola Sorrentina (Sorrento Peninsula Award) on RAI Cinema.
On the RAI platform dedicated to cinema, the special on the 28th edition of the Sorrento event.

Rome, November 28th, 2023 – A concise story in images that traverses the experiences of the 28th edition of the national award dedicated to cinema and audiovisual. Promoted by the municipal administration of Sorrento, led by Massimo Coppola, the award is included among the important events of the General Cinema and Audiovisual Directorate of the Mic and of the Campania Region Film Commission Foundation.

Some of the winners transfer their sensations, their emotions and the meanings of the characters they played in the award-winning films to Sorrento.

ย Watch the special, produced by Mario Esposito and directed by Alberto Nigro.