You are currently viewing UAH YOU, UAH’s first EP, is on all streaming platforms!

UAH YOU, UAH’s first EP, is on all streaming platforms!

UAH YOU is the title of the first EP of UAH, an anonymous Neapolitan singer-songwriter from the vast and unpredictable
world of independent productions.
The EP includes 6 tracks of exploratory music, suspended between past and present, in which the characterizing aspect is precisely the
search for elements of continuity in the sound, in the melodies, in the texts, declined through an explosive Neapolitan style, which
suddenly bursts out, to be heard, without necessarily appearing.

UAH YOU is an ironic and disenchanted snapshot of contemporary society: a work in which Napoli is the center and
the metaphor of the world around us, with its contrasts between difficult relationships, precariousness, marginalization, gambling and crime.

DIMANE SÌ (Tomorrow Yes) is the opening song for the EP.
It is today’s gangster song, in which the textual reference to the “malavita”- connection is strengthened by a sort of music-connection between Napoli and the two U.S. coasts, in particular the East one.
In addition to the launch track, UAH YOU contains four other unreleased songs plus a remix: ’O NASO E A VOCCA (The Nose and The Mouth); NEVERFULL
– from the name of the famous French-made bag -; SPAIDERMEN (Spiderman) (Remix) – UAH’s first single in a new one
version -; KING KONG (He loves you so much); at the end of the EP we find the ballad with the eloquent title NIENTE A DICERE
(Nothing To Say)
For each song of the EP an artwork of a tarot card has been created as a Neapolitan reinterpretation :
it is surreal and irreverent that will be clarified by the release of the lyrics-video.

Who is UAH?
UAH is the acronym for UnleashAnemaHit, an Anglo-Neapolitan expression already translated by the Losangelino magazine Napulitanamente as ‘Soul without a leash’, which well represents the singer-songwriter and his work before him.

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