You are currently viewing Tutto con il cuore. The presentation of Maria Cuono’s new book, with a preface by Olga De Maio, begins

Tutto con il cuore. The presentation of Maria Cuono’s new book, with a preface by Olga De Maio, begins

The presentation of Tutto con il cuore begins, the new book by journalist and writer Maria Cuono enriched by the preface by soprano Olga De Maio.

On Monday March 11th, at 11AM, the presentation of the new book by journalist and writer Maria Cuono, entitled Tutto con il cuore (Everything with the heart), will be held at the UBIK bookshop in Naples. The new version of Verso l’Orizzonte (Toward the horizon), published in January 2024 by the Kimerik Publishing House. The journalist and writer Merola Daniela moderates. Speakers will be Maestro Luca Lupoli (tenor) and Maestro Olga De Maio (soprano) who embellished Maria Cuono’s latest work with the preface.

Maria Cuono is a journalist and a writer and it is precisely from her studies, from her experience and experience that her latest interesting work comes to life, Tutto con il cuore, a new version of the poetic anthology dedicated to Lorella Cuccarini, Verso l’Orizzonte(Toward the horizon).

Tutto con il cuore. The presentation of Maria Cuono's new book, with a preface by Olga De Maio, begins

Scrolling through the beautiful verses of this collection I noticed that they talk about moments of life and glimpses of feelings, fears, sensations, almost a desire to confess, opening up to the outside world, giving something of oneself to make oneself known better.
Each poem is a true dedication to people or concretely experienced realities and, where it was the result of invention, the author’s ability to make us experience and see these moments of life is good.
The touching verses of the incipit Let’s love each other, brothers, a truly passionate appeal to solidarity and brotherhood between men, or the heartfelt and heartfelt ones of “Solo tu”(Only you), “A un’amica”(To a friend), “Attimi”(Instants), “Verso l’Orizzonte”(Toward the horizon)…

Maria Cuono Biography

Training Activity

Maria Cuono graduated in Pedagogy in 1996 presenting a thesis in Developmental Psychology entitled:Bambini maltrattati: Interpretazioni psicologiche. (Abused children: Psychological interpretations.) She gained various educational experiences relating both to his university studies and to the world of entertainment. In 1997 she attended the post-graduate course in Anthropology and Psychoanalysis of Text and Scene at the University of Salerno.In 2004 she acquired basic skills in the audiovisual sector (audio video recording, editing, mixing of sounds, recording techniques, reproduction and digital sampling of sounds, mastering techniques, transferring footage from tape to film), through a Professional Training Course of the Campania Region as Expert in Audiovisual Technologies and Productions.

Maria Cuono premio Cartagine

Work Activity

In 2003 he collaborated fully with Il Salernitano, the newspaper of Salerno and its province, where he particularly interviewed candidates for the Municipal and Provincial Council. This allows her to register in the Register of Journalists of the Campania Region. She has been a freelance journalist since 2005 and also collaborates with the newspapers Cronache del Mezzogiorno, la Città.
In 2006, her great passion for entertainment led her to collaborate with determination and enthusiasm with (now, the Italian Theater Portal, of which she is editor on Salerno and the Province. She also edited column  Young Promises in the World of Italian Entertainment, for the same newspaper. Again for and the related magazines (Al, Alla, etc), she interviewed many personalities from the world of entertainment, including: Carlo Giuffré, Luigi De Filippo, Sebastiano Somma, Rocco Papaleo, Alessandro Haber , Isa Danieli, Daniela Poggi, Ivana Monti, Bianca Guaccero, Carmen Giardina (just to name a few).
She has written on Blog Salerno, while you currently write texts for various online portals. She collaborates with Radio Piombino, Radio Web Italy, Radio MPA, Radio Subsonica, Mondoradio.
In August 2010 she was a juror at the 3rd edition of Cortovisione Film Festival.In November 2010 she founded Radio Giustizia. In September 2011 she was a juror at the 2nd Edition of the Allinfo Targa Musica Contro Corrente Award. She is the Director of the monthly periodicals Settimo Livello e Trasparenza & Legalità.
She is still the editor-in-chief of Newspage Allinfo, a current affairs, culture and entertainment newspaper. Many editorials and interviews have been carried out in this newspaper. We mention: Carmen Gardina, Luisa Corna, Marcello Cirillo and Luca Manfredi.
She is currently involved in an innovative project, which sees her managing the Web Agency Maria Cuono Communication, and she promotes various events on the web. Among the many we mention: Io, Fabrizio e il Ciocorì (I, Gabrizio and the ciocorì), directed by Carmen Giardina at the Spazio Rossellini in Rome and the Ascoltami (Listen to me) tour by Manuela Villa at the Teatro Sistina in Rome.

Maria Cuono with soprano Olga De Maio


In May 2013, the Kimerik Publishing House published Verso l’Orizzonte, a poetic anthology dedicated to Lorella Cuccarini which is already enjoying considerable critical success.
Among the personalities from the world of entertainment there is also Luisa Corna who compliments her on the beautiful initiative and writes to her:

I must confess to you that I am a lover of poetry and I really appreciate the noble soul of those who know how to capture their emotions and transmit them to others through the art of writing.

On June 2, 2019, a serious loss deeply affected her : the loss of her mother. For this reason she developed the idea of dedicating a book to her. Thus, her second book entitled: L’Arte dell’incontro (The art of meeting) was born in June 2020. Interviews with celebrities of the Entertainment industry, published by L’Argolibro of Agropoli, with the precious interventions of Luisa Corna and Carmen Giardina. This is also intended as a tribute to all the artists who have gone through and are still going through moments of great difficulty due to Covid-19. In December 2023, she received the prestigious and illustrious Cartagine Prize at the Chamber of Deputies for her growing and brilliant professional career and for the release of her latest work, Tutto con il cuore. The new version of Verso l’Orizzonte published in January 2024 by the Kimerik Publishing House.

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