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Trend for Rent

The revolutionary initiative of a Neapolitan entrepreneur

Buying a designer bag or trendy accessory is expensive and not everyone can afford everything they want. But they can rent it. There is a place, in the province of Napoli, born to help you express your look in a unique, convenient and sustainable way. Its name is Maty Cambio and he is located in Nola. Open for just over a year, it is proposed as a place for change. It is the magical place that will allow you to change accessories whenever you want and without damaging your bank account.

At Maty Cambio you will find the rental of high fashion accessories. Furthermore, a series of haute couture coats made in Southern Italy. All garments are hand-sewn and produced in one or very few specimens. Quality and exclusivity are the cornerstones of the boutique. According to Matilde, the owner of the shop, wearing a nice garment or a nice bag is a way to express yourself.

Wearing a designer garment doesn’t necessarily have to represent a status symbol but it serves to express who you are, what you have inside. The magic of this small but refined boutique is projected beyond trends with an act of love towards the boutique’s customers. It is the glam corner buvette conceived and cared for, down to the smallest detail, by the entrepreneur Nolana. A bar room that also displays many luxury high fashion accessories, where an accessory or item of clothing can be associated with each cocktail. When the boutique’s rehearsal rooms are full, waiting for your turn, you can sit back and refresh yourself with a soda, enjoy a cocktail or recharge with a strong Neapolitan espresso. Maty Cambio’s glam buvette is open to everyone and is a welcoming place for a bit of relaxation or between one purchase and another. And above all, it is also loved by engaged couples who will never get tired of accompanying you on shopping trips!

Like the boutique, the corner bar was also conceived by making sustainable choices and tending towards the use of organic products from Southern Italy. Matilde’s creativity was influenced, indeed trained by her mother who is the one who creates unique classy coats. Her mother has always supported her. Therefore she started this project focusing on her hometown where she communicates a message of innovation and sustainability as cornerstones of our future.

Can you tell us about you?

M.V.: “As an artist I am supported by my mother, Concetta Martinez, who found in the idea of Maty Cambio, the possibility of expressing herself, her innate creativity, the inspiration and passion for beauty and fashion, things that I have breathed since my childhood. As an entrepreneur I’m still learning many things. I “invented” many of the things I’ve created because here in Italy, especially in the South, fashion renting is almost unknown. Accountants, lawyers and all the professionals who have supported me, and without whose help I could not have achieved much, have put their knowledge to good use and, only after much research, we found a way to balance everything.”

 Maty Cambio

How does Maty Cambio work?

M.V.: “Maty Cambio is my idea of sustainable fashion and the fight against the climate and environmental crisis: preferring the concept of use to that of possession, giving a bag infinite different lives and giving customers the opportunity to always change, experiment with their own style and express all personalities depending on the mood.

What’s Maty Cambio story and inspiration?

M.V.: “The idea of Maty Cambio was born when I started getting rid of the superfluous and living according to the philosophy of choosing what I want when I really want it. Since July 2020, since this light bulb came on, I have decided to take care of everything. Taking advantage of the knowledge resulting from the degree in Architecture, I took care of the project of my shop and all the furnishings, I dedicated all my time to the planning and construction site, while I tried to orient myself in the world of the VAT number and in the birth of a business. Maty Cambio is “Ecoluxury fashion renting”. It means that two are the foundations of my idea: sustainable fashion and self-expression through clothes or accessories. I’ve always wondered why choosing a single style if we can express ourselves through every look? Today I feel Rock’n Roll, tomorrow Bon Ton! I wanted to change. And for my life to change, I thought I could give everyone a chance to do it.”

What does mean wearing a beautiful garment?

M.V.: “Above all, it means wearing a quality garment, in contrast to disposable fashion, made up of human exploitation and resources. And it means choosing a made in Italy garment (or made in Southern Italy, as in the case of the collection of tailored garments that bear our brand and that we make ourselves, carefully choosing fabrics, details and workmanship).”

Maty Cambio

Why is having a style so important for a woman?

M.V.: “I don’t know. I can say that in the shop, by changing bags without the commitment to buy them, I give everyone the opportunity to change styles whenever they want, without constraints, without the need to choose just one style. So experiencing all the personalities you feel you have. It is the absolute freedom to be whoever you want to be whenever you want. Labels don’t exist here, change is the essence of freedom, let alone if we can think of having the same style for life! “

How does Maty Cambio interpret class and femininity?

M.V.: “The class lies in the kindness and ease of wearing a garment, ease that comes from the freedom to express oneself. On the other hand, femininity, for me, is an outdated concept, or at least nothing to which one should aspire. What you wear should express who you are or how you feel. Regardless of what the context in which we are requires or expects from us.”

Maty Cambio

What is currently the most requested piece of design at Maty Cambio and why?

M.V.: “The concept of rental is still too closely linked to social events and appearances, therefore to fashion understood as social behavior linked to the taste of the moment, therefore brands such as Saint Laurent or Jacquemus, Prada, Gucci are more in demand.”

What should a woman never miss in her outfit?

M.V.: “Feeling at ease.”

Is it true that at Maty Cambio, during my shopping I can sit down and have a drink?

M.V.: “Very true! Entering the world of Maty Cambio is an immersive experience: choosing a bag, wearing a tailored garment, drinking a coffee or tasting a cocktail…It must always be glam!

NA57 at Maty Cambio

At the glam buvette you serve the NA57 cocktail. How about it?

M.V.: “The NA57 fully reflects my idea, sums it up in a cocktail: don’t be afraid to dare, choose quality and, of course, everything is always made in Southern Italy.”

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