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The Way of Drum (Part II) –

Interview with Giovanni Imparato (part II)

In the last edition we dealt with the relationship between the drum and the earth, through the Cuba / Parthenope project with some hints on Afrocubanìa by Giovanni Imparato. percussionist, babalàwo initiated with the rule of Ifá, babalòsha “santèro” initiated at the regla de Òsha, olubatà initiated at the regla de “Añà” (or Ayàn). Starting from the origins, of which we have spoken, in this article we come to today’s perceptions, to the new principles that govern these times passing through technology.

IP – From the past to today. We are in the digital age. What happened? –

Giovanni ImparatoGI – The digital age is very well described in a series on “Prime” Amazon, entitled “American gods”, where new archetypes are born in place of those that had belonged for thousands of years to the phylogeny of the human species. They are new real divinities and they are”digital”. From their virtual dimension they are able to deceive many suggestions of our human experience. For example, today, the so-called “social”, are the proof of it. The results is infact the almost total and unconscious lowering of “presence of ourselves”!

Digital and robotics are nothing more than the natural consequences of exasperating the vision of the logical-rational-deductive-mechanistic-utilitarian thought of the existing. Which is self-entitled to redundant in its impaired, lame and partial vision of the presumed “everything”. Without however recognizing that, in cosmic existence, there is always a complementarity. Those would be “other” points of view equally valid and real. The digital age and its robotics are not in themselves condemnable. Like any fruit of scientific research, it must be honored, just as every intelligent achievement must be safeguarded, as long as it is evolutionary.But if we avoid this, the crucial point in dealing with life that is recognizing the existence of something that completes and integrates, apparently unsuspected, it alludes once again to the enhancement of a world of equal importance, being it ordinary and not ordinary, then it is normal that omitting a very important half of intelligence leads to limiting results for happiness and for the integral realization of the human species. It is like wanting to live always, only during the day, requiring the organism to never rest or if in the natural respiratory process we only require ourselves to inhale oxygen without ever exhaling carbon dioxide! Ultimately, our rational and logical mind is basically afraid of its own logical-rational nature, which is “deadly” and depressing if it is not balanced by ethical “common sense”. So once digitally and technologically there are so many means available: grooves and music can be generated with little effort, algorithmically, even with the highly inflated “Apps”, formally guaranteeing the mathematical certainty of providing and creating an impeccable cleaning product. and apparent efficiency, because “mentally mechanical” and utilitarian. The musician, on the other hand, if he does not have a more than perfect root of existential and introspective common sense, and a vocation of healthy analogical creativity, risks indelibly sabotaging himself. –

IP – Do you think that the online experience of events such as live concerts, drum circles, theatrical performances or other forms of social and cultural “gathering” can be replaced by the network? –

GI – No way! The species has already experienced it with phonographic reproductions, with photos, with videos, with cinema . It is well known that the “transmission” through an induced technological online exams, online learning, online performances, video concerts, video conferences …. We should integrate these virtual modalities. It is true that a good video editoris able to create many suggestions, with different cameras, with different lights, with different background music . In fact it became an art, but in this case a circumstance abstract and detached from reality. Certainly it can evoke suggestions of a good level, but replacing the live celebration is not possible precisely due to the absence of possible energetic and electromagnetic fields. It will be “other” … that arises as a surrogate or substitute … this always depends on the balance and physical-psychological-mental-spiritual-emotional health of people themselves , both as dispenser and receiver, and it also depends from the ability of discernment of every person, but if he had seen, or consciously gained the attention of his “sacred space” in the universe, he will serenely notice the differences, without being disturbed by them (we are all born, according to the Yoruba cosmogony, with a very powerful Divinity inside the head, called ORÍ, this communicates with us through our own consciousness). –

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