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The new life of Francesca Cavallin, between Sorrento and “I Fantastici 5”.

The Venetian actress, member of the board of the Premio Penisola Sorrentina (Sorrento Peninsula Award), is the female protagonist alongside Raoul Bova in I Fantastici 5 (The Fantastic 5).

Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza), January 18th, 2024 – The new TV series I Fantastici 5, starring Francesca Cavallin and Raoul Bova, will be on air from Wednesday January 17th, on Canale 5 (Channel 5 – Italy).

The actress, native of Bassano del Grappa, had announced and spoken about the television series during the 28th evening of honor for cinema and audiovisual of the Premio Penisola Sorrentina, promoted by the Municipality of Sorrento, directed by Massimo Coppola and included in the cinema promotion plan of the Campania Region Film Commission. The preview of the fiction was also presented at the Venice Film Festival and at the Taranto Paralympic Culture Festival.

I now feel at home in Sorrento โ€“ declared Cavallin โ€“ and for ten years I have been returning to the Premio Penisola Sorrentina; first as an award winner and then as a friend and member of the jury. Every time I drive around that curve of the coast I feel inside myself an emotion that is always new and different.

On the Sorrento stage of the Armida Theater (whose name is inextricably linked to the historic “International Cinema Meetings” of Sorrento directed by Gian Lugi Rondi), during the show hosted and directed by Mario Esposito, Cavallin also placed emphasis on importance of this new TV series, which sees her alongside Raoul Bova in tackling an extraordinarily complex and delicate topic such as that of Paralympic athletes.

Born from the collaboration with RTI and Lux Vide, and produced by Matilde and Luca Bernabei, the series is directed by Alexis Sweet and Laszlo Barbo and is made up of eight episodes of approximately 50 minutes each, spread over four evenings.

The plot of The I Fantastici 5 revolves around Riccardo (Raoul Bova), a former coach of the Olympic circuit who abandoned his career to stay close to his family. Francesca Cavallin gives life to Sofia Calabresi, the president of the sports club who tests Riccardo’s skills.