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The “Lazzaro Verace 2021” Award to prof. Gennaro De Crescenzo.

On Tuesday July 13th, from 18.00, the VI edition of the Lazzaro Verace 2021 Prize will be held.
The ceremony, as usual, will take place in the heart of Napoli, in the eighteenth-century garden of Palazzo Venezia, via Benedetto Croce, 19.
The award, organized by the I Lazzari Social Promotion Association, is awarded to the person who shows himself to be “defender and promoter of Neapolitanism and Neapolitan culture”.
This year, the significant award will be given to Prof. Gennaro De Crescenzo, professor of Italian and history, historical researcher, writer, essayist, journalist, president of the Neo-Bourbon Movement and much more.
Gennaro De Crescenzo, for years, has been fighting personally for the South and for its people with a daily activity of memory, defense, protection and promotion, often obtaining more than meritorious results, useful for awakening pride in the people southern.
The award will be presented by the president of the I Lazzari Association, Davide Brandi and the evening will be presented by the journalist Raffaella Iuliano and Cinzia Fragasso from I Lazzari.
Furthermore, during the ceremony, the nice diplomas of “Lazzara/o Verace” will be awarded to all those who in the “school season” have participated in the courses of Neapolitan language, literature and culture organized and held by the I Lazzari Association itself.

There will be interventions by the representatives of the Companies and Associations who morally support the project or who collaborate in cultural activities, including Alessandro Condurro of the Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Eugenio Gervasio, director of the Wine Museum at the Reggia di Portici, Fiore Marro, national president of the Two Sicilies Committees, Tommaso D’Alterio, director of the Isaia-Pepillo Foundation, Franco Simeri of Edizioni Mea, Emilio Caserta of the Neo-Bourbon Movement, Giovanni Esposito of Fantasie d’Epoca, Luigi Accardo of MyLand, Gennaro Buccino of Palazzo Venice and many others. There will also be guest artists who will cheer up the evening with gags and traditional Neapolitan music.
Admission is free but limited in number.
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