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The De Filippo brothers

The story of the brothers and their conflictual relationship.

Titina, Eduardo and Peppino De Filippo, were the children of Eduardo Scarpetta who was among the greatest Italian actors of the 19th century. Although they were not recognized by their father and bore the name of their mother, Luisa De Filippo. The brothers had energies, dreams and a desire for redemption. Starting with only talent and experience that, especially Eduardo, in his rigor, never stopped cultivating, they managed to be so successful that their name is recognized and respected worldwide.

Compared to the brother Peppino, who spent the first years of his childhood in the countryside, under a nanny, Eduardo, who had always lived with his sister Titina and his mother, in the city, was more educated.

This might brought differences in vision that led to their division. In fact they were always in conflict until they definitively separated artistically in 1944. Titina stayed with Eduardo who “tailored” many characters for her.

Peppino De Filippo was more tied to tradition and favored the comic trend. On the other hand Eduardo’s point of view was that of the author, of the philosopher. He was leaning towards realism.

In the movie I Fratelli De Filippo ( De Filippo brothers) the director Sergio Rubini tells about the brothers when they were young, revolutionaries and unscrupulous. A true story made of humiliation, determination, hard work and redemption.

In choosing the protagonists, which he joined with an exceptional cast, Rubini sought and centered the authenticity of the characters by bringing out their passion, the same that I De Filippo had at the time.