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Talent Spotlight featuring The Queen of Opera

Better known as The Queen of Opera, D’Andrea Pelletier is originally from Virginia Beach. She lives in Hawaii where she dedicates herself in the spreading of the culture of opera to make it known to everyone and bring opera into the mainstream.

She was already a pianist and violinist when she began singing classical music, at the age of 15.

In 2020 she made her debut by publishing Italian cover opera pieces such as Sposa son disprezzata (I am wife and I am scorned) by G. Rossini and Giusto ciel in tal periglio (Merciful heaven, in such peril) by A. Vivaldi. Soon after her debut she caught the attention of those in the industry and those not in Opera field gaining the respect and support of everyone.

Her career has brought her to prestigious collaborations with talented artists such as Welsh composer and musician Sion Trefor, the london based, award-winning writer/director Simeon Lumgair, and the Orchestra of the Italian Opera Company, from Italy.

Her background in language, philosophy and fine arts gave her an extra impetus to be able to create original works. And so, after years of studies and performances, less than a month ago, she published her first original composition on Spotify. It is entitled Ave Maria and it has been realized in collaboration with Lumgair. For the new year a complete classical album with original compositions is expected to be released, and you cannot miss it!

We won’t miss it either. In fact, in the next issue of Napulitanamente magazine, due out in April 2023, you’ll find an in-depth article on the forthcoming album and lots of curiosities about the artist as well as about the woman and her life on the Big Island.

On Talent Spotlight D’Andrea gives us a very suggestive taste of Claudio Monteverdi’s Lamento della Ninfa.

The poignant verses of Ottavio Rinuccini are exalted by the passionate interpretation of the talented opera singer, who, despite not having origins in the “Bel Paese”, has fully embraced its culture and feelings.