On Saturday October 14th double appointment with I Lazzari.

1 – at 4 pm the APPRIESSO ร‚ BBELLA MBRIANA (Going with Bella ‘mbriana) tour will start, with a guide from the Campania Region:
discovering the mysteries, ghosts and macabre stories in the famous and less famous places of the city of Naples.
From the Prince of Sansevero to Maria d’Avalos, from Bella ‘Mbriana to Munaciello, from the “capuzzelle” to Palazzo Penne (Beelzebub’s palace), from esoteric symbols to the numbers to play the lottery, from Bianca’s ghost to Palazzo Spinelli to the Devil Pietrasanta pig, and many other incredible stories and legends to be discovered.
Reservation required (โ‚ฌ15) and limited participation: number to book: +39 331 89 23 006.

double date with the Lazzari

2 – ‘O QUIZZO (Quiz), the first entirely Neapolitan game/show, created and hosted by Davide Brandi.
On the stage of the Casa del Mandolino Napoletano (House of Neapolitan mandolin), at Piazza Museo Filangieri 247 – Naples, Saturdayย  October 14th, 2023, at 7.30 pm.
The game is open to everyone and everyone will be able to test themselves by verifying their level of Neapolitanness, that is, their knowledge of various topics (song, history, literature, cinema, sport, etc.) relating to the city of Naples and the people of Partenope. The public is a competitor but only the top 4, having passed the first ‘O SETACCIO’ phase, will access the final tests…, VOTA ‘ROTA and… in short, it will all be to be discovered!
Reservations required using the numbers on the attached poster.

O Quizzo double date with the Lazzari
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