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People Power reaches great heights!

Here’s exciting news about “People Power“, the animated film from No Matter What!
As they say: “You reap what you sow” and, after 12 years to complete this fantastic project, which, ad we’ve told, evolved from the initial song to the concept album, then into the comic book and into the series of episodes, to finally reach its completion in the animated film, No Matter What! is reaping an endless series of triumphs.
Thanks also to the donations received from fans, the band submitted “People Power” and its Spanish version: “Poder del Pueblo” to 95 independent film festivals.

After winning two awards at the 2024 Berlin Independent Film Festival as Best Animation and Best War Themed Film,
and the Gold Award Animation at the Paris Film Awards Festival; Hector Rivera, Mexican American creator and director of the masterpiece, won the Best Director award at the New Wave Short Film Festival in Munich, Germany.

The band’s hard work has been further rewarded by more recognitions and awards including the following:
a Honorable Mention 2024 at the Bridge Of Peace Festival – France: animated feature film and experimental feature film.
Best Achievement, Best Song/Music, Best Animation, Best New Director at the Miami Film Critic Award Festival; it won as a Best Human Rights, Best Original Score, Best Storyteller, Best Experimental Film at the Swiss Film Festival and Screenplay Competition.

The Manchester Film & Creativity Festival in United Kingdom awarded the movie as best experimental film, best narrator, best music; the London Movie Awards: Silver Award as Original Song – The Song Of Wrong; the Florence Film Awards: Silver Award as Experimental Film; the Milan Gold Awards: Gold Award as Original Song – Yearning For Peace (War Child); the New York Movie Awards: Silver Award – as Original Song – Go For It; and the Seoul International Short Film Festival awarded “People Power” as Best Trailer.

Also they won Best Animation in a Feature Film at the SFAAF (South Film and Arts Academy Festival) in Chile, Best Music for a Feature Film (Daniele De Cario, Forrest Robinson, Mike Basica, Mona Seda and Hector Rivera); Best Screenplay (Hector Eduardo Rivera); Best Animation Director in a Feature Film (Danielle Hébert).

From today until May 16th “Poder del Pueblo” is being screened by the Madrid Film Festival. Get your ticket here now. It only costs $4.00 to watch it!

Help spread No Matter What’s message of peace and awareness! supporting their artistic and social initiative of People Power.

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