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‘O Quizzo. How Neapolitan are you?

‘O Quizzo, how Neapolitan are you? It is the highly requested game/show of 2024, highly requested, based exclusively on Neapolitanness, where the entire public is a competitor.

The event, conceived, written and hosted by Davide Brandi with alternating guests on stage (the last with Amedeo Colella), will be repeated

'O Quizzo. How Neapolitan are you?

Friday February 2nd, 2024, at 8PM
at the Tram Theater in Port’Alba (Naples).

Alongside Davide Brandi there will be the very good and very nice Neapolitan actor Lucio Ciotola and the musician/singer Dario Carandente.

The final winner will be proclaimed ‘O Saputone o ‘A Saputona of the month of February.

To participate, you need to get a reservation by calling +39 331 89 23 006.

I can’t miss it!!!

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