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Nino Palmieri: the chef who became a painter

Born in Rivello, Basilicata and based in Rome Nino Palmieri has a multifaceted artistic vocation, capable of enchanting the public.

Rome, January 22nd, 2024 – In the vastness of the artistic world, the multifaceted figure of Nino Palmieri emerges, an eclectic talent who manages to achieve success in every field in which he tries his hand. His innate artistic vocation manifests itself through writing, painting and even culinary art, outlining an extraordinary creative path, which expresses art in every aspect.

From the heart of the kitchen, to the soul of writing

Nino Palmieri began his journey as a chef, obtaining recognition and success in the culinary world for many years. However, his creative thirst takes him far beyond the kitchen. Last year, he surprised audiences with his first autobiographical novel, “From Nothing to Never Enough.” This publication aroused considerable interest, so much so that a second reprint was requested in a few months.

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The art of painting: an innate balance

Not satisfied with writing, Nino Palmieri ventures into the world of painting, revealing an innate talent for the balance of forms and an extraordinary sense of composition. Although manifesting a certain restlessness, his art reflects the pathos of the artist who knows how to tame not only the fire of the stove, but also the sacred fire of art.

From the oven to the easel: the versatility of Nino Palmieri

Although he has only started his artistic production a few months ago, Nino has already received praise from critics and has obtained an author certification with a notable recognition coefficient. This certification attests that Nino Palmieri’s works are not only appreciated, but also evaluated with a certified value, offering further demonstration of his ability to master different art forms.

For this reason, Nino Palmieri is a born artist, who ranges 360 degrees. His works delight the public, thanks to his ability to express himself through different mediums, demonstrating that creativity has no limits and that his art, whether culinary, literary or pictorial, has the power to touch the heart of anyone who meets his path.

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