You are currently viewing Nina Maroccolo exposition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome

Nina Maroccolo exposition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome

At the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome the hymn to the life of Nina Maroccolo, between lyrics and photography, she sings the revolution of Nature for Earth Day 2021.

From May14th to August 29th, 2021, the exhibition re-establishes the world of Nature
through photographic works and small art installations.

Rome, May 14, 2021 – La Rivoluzione degli Eucalipti (The eucalyptus revolution) by Nina Maroccolo is the new, unprecedented exhibition concept conceived by the artist herself, is hosted at the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, promoted by Roma Culture Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage. Exhibition curated by Plinio Perilli. The art catalog, a true synaesthesia between the works and a dense and visionary lyric novel, is published by Disvelare edizioni, the first volume of the series entitled Le Sibille and edited by Officina Mirabilis.

The exhibition includes photography and small installations in a display case. Those are miniature works, the results of a research linked to the creation of a new alchemy of matter. The will to release a new essence of spirit and vision, and the concept of origin.

The exhibition is created as part of the initiatives for Earth Day 2021, the largest environmental event on the planet, officially born in 1970 and promoted, at the time, by United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and which involves up to one billion people every year from 192 countries around the world.

Nina Maroccolo has been working on the theme of nature for decades, elaborating “en plein air” researches, concepts and visual elaborations of great evocative power and spiritual intensity. The freeze-frame of the natural ‘object’, in this case the eucalyptus, allows the artist to re-read nature in its constant change. The air, the light, the molds, the natural sedimentation of the eucalyptus, become iconographic exploration, chromatic change, cultural enrichment translated into art.

An exploration intimately linked to the injured nature, to the themes of the environment and the world ecosystem, but which also addresses social emergencies and strong civil denunciations: up to the extreme consequences of the theme of cosmic collapse. Nina Maroccolo reconstructs a natural world through which eucalyptus becomes the reference of a new revolutionary epic based on the saving gifts of nature. For her and our salvation for her.

Photographs, non-figural iconographic paths, totemic structures and mandalas, recreated through the use of plant waste from the eucalyptus, reinterpreted by Maroccolo as lacerations or rather ‘macerations’, as the artist herself defines them, given by the ‘waste principle’ of the grandiose Beauty of Nature in its being alive and throbbing.

NINA MAROCCOLO (Massa 1966) studied pictorial decoration and art photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence; you worked in the field of Restoration on Paper at Palazzo Spinelli; she learned and experienced the art of carving and inlaying on soft wood in the workshops of Florentine artisans. She was mezzo soprano in the eight-voice choir of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, under the direction of Maestro Don Luigi Sessa. You were part of the independent record label CPI, of City Lights Italia, the European sister company of the historic City Lights founded by Ferlinghetti in San Francisco.
Nina is a founding member of the artistic-experimental group ATEM, she has ten years of lyrics, music and live performances. She has lived and worked in Rome since 2004. she is an artist in continuous exploration, writer, theater performer, she conducts research linked to the symbolism and metamorphosis of the universe of Nature itself. You seek unity between the arts, starting with writing.
Among her theatrical pieces, interpreted and sung, we recall at least the impromptu “ Partitura per ferro e terra” (score for iron and earth) dedicated to the work of the sculptor Jaume Plensa, Limonaia Theater (Florence 2002). Annelies Marie Frank (from her book of the same name), Teatro Vascello (Rome 2005).
Nastro (ribbon) – Homage to Giacomo Manzù (Book Fair, Auditorium DM, Turin 2012), short film for acting voices, Stefano Amorese and Nina Maroccolo, electronics, short / video art. Directed by István Horkay, music by Maestro Daniele Venturi.
ME DEA, text and direction by Marco Palladini. With Nina Maroccolo and Giulia Perroni ( Aleph Theater, Rome 2014). At his film debut as the protagonist of the art film La Sesta Vocale (the sixth vocal). Directed by Iolanda La Carrubba, soundtrack by Gianni Maroccolo: finalist work at the “Berlin International Film Festival 2013” in the Director Lounge DL9 review.
Her publications include: Il carro di rattle (City Lights Italia 1999), Annelies Marie Frank (Empirìa 2004), theater, with a letter from Alda Merini. Illacrimata (Tracce 2011), poems, preface by Paolo Lagazzi. Animamadre (Tracce 2012), novel, preface by Fabio Pierangeli. Malestremo – Sixteen journeys to Elsewhere (Traces 2013), short stories, preface by Marco Palladini.