You are currently viewing ‘A lengua napulitana nun more maje! (The Neapolitan language will never die)

‘A lengua napulitana nun more maje! (The Neapolitan language will never die)

While TV shows and social media spread distortions of our language , in Naples there is another class lessons of Neapolitan language.
Learning to read and write our language helps to cleanse ourselves of the ugliness and standardization caused by the current globalization process. Learning Neapolitan means discovering the particular notes and nuances, characteristic of our culture. It means to finally becoming aware of what the Neapolitan soul really is, and to deeply experience that special energy that has brought world-famous intellectuals and artists to our city, artists who have been fascinated by the experience of living paradise and hell in the same place and that then, once far away, they felt and told of their nostalgia. Many of them have spoken and even written in Neapolitan, as also Boccaccio did.Unesco has declared the Neapolitan language vulnerable simply because it is neither codified nor protected by the institutions
but Neapolitan language is not dead and luckily there are people who take care of preserving it and spreading it at the same time.

Wednesday October 7th The Institut Français Naples at Palazzo Grenoble presents
Neapolitan Language Course by Davide Brandi
, president of the association for social promotion “I Lazzari” and vice-president of Alliance européenne pour les Langues Régionales. This event that underlines the strong bond between French and Neapolitan is a tradition that is renewed. In fact, in the nineties the director of the Institut Français of the time Jean-Noël Schifano inaugurated this tradition.

Classes will take place every Wednesday from 6PM to 7:15 PM. The course is free but access will be by reservation only, subject to availability.The whole course will be held in compliance with the anti covid health regulations in force.The course will focus on Neapolitan language, history and culture and will be enriched by contributions from Neapolitan artists invited by Davide Brandi to interpret Neapolitanism through songs, poems, dances.
During the course of the lectures, Paul de Sinety, general delegate for French and the languages ​​of France will speak, testifying to the commitment in the policies of safeguarding and promoting regional languages ​​by the French Ministry of Culture.


Tel: 081.761.62.62 (select Reception)
The Institut Français has activated all the precautionary measures useful to allow you to participate in the event safely. For this reason, the seat limit is 35, after which it will no longer be possible to access the event.