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Neapolitan course at the Institut Francais in Napoli.

On Wednesday 13 October 2021, from 6.00 pm, the Neapolitan language lessons will resume at the Institut Francais in Napoli (Palazzo Grenoble), via Crispi 86.
The meetings, strongly desired by the Consul General of France in Napoli, dr. Laurent Burin des Roziers, will be held every Wednesday and will be curated by Davide Brandi, author, as well as president of the I Lazzari Association and vice president of the International Association Alliance Européenne des Languages ​​Régionales (based in Arles, France).
The course resumes the project launched years ago (1998) by the then Director of Grenoble, the philosopher Jean-Noel Schifano, who opened up to Neapolitan culture after having viscerally fallen in love with it and having well understood its importance and historical and social value, and today , after more than twenty years, we pass from Schifano to Brandi in safeguarding the intangible heritage of a city and a people.
15 meetings during which we will range between the history of the Neapolitan language and modern youth slang, many of the misunderstandings (and the hoaxes that run on social networks) related to Neapolitan will be clarified, continuous exercises will be carried out from phonetics to grammar without neglecting the etymologies and loanwords (especially from French).
The meetings will not lack guest artists who will donate pearls of music, acting and Neapolitan dances.
The course is free but limited and in order to participate, reservations are required by calling the Institut Francais as shown on the poster.

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