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Neaco’ – Neapolitan Contamination

If we all communicated with an open heart and without preconceptions, we would realize how much we have in common with “the other” and we could reach the path towards a good evolution. We may have a lot in common with our neighbor, whom we may not know, but who, like most of us, surfs the internet every day trying to reach a clarification or simply an escaping route.

Many people are losing their naturalness and therefore we want to invite you to put the internet aside for a moment to experience a real emotion, made of real vibrations and without side effects. The vibrations we are talking about are physical vibrations sent by seven musicians, all with an important artistic background and coming from different artistic experiences, who for some years now, have converged energies and talents in a challenging project that has aroused interest in Italy, Turkey and Russia.

Neaco’ stands for NEApolitan COntamination and it is the name of the band that is able to make you live an extraordinary experience. It is true that Neapolitan songs have been sung by many singers and bands but those singers and bands have always been offered the “canzone napoletana” in a rock, pop, jazz version.

Neaco ‘does not stop on the surface. Their performance is not so predictable and obvious. They calmly sail the immense sea of music and you will find yourself dancing on the waves of the rhythms of the world, savoring the contaminations, sometimes the intimate relationship, between cultures, between human beings.

At their show you will experience “Neapolitan song” with all the sensory and emotional nuances that you will happen to hear, such as a Latin-Central African version of the song ‘Dicitencello Vuje’ (R. Falvo, E. Fusco) or even an Argentine tango for “Indifferently” (S. Mazzocco, U. Martucci). Theirs is not just a concert, it is the story of a musician’s journey through narratives, words and sounds. This time the show is even richer in news that we do not want to anticipate. You can find all the information and updates at

Friday, May 28th 2021 at 8pm.

Teatro degli Audaci

Via Giuseppe de Santis, 29,

00139Roma RM Italy.


Don’t turn off your life. Neaco’s journey continues!

Neaco’ are:

Luigi Carbone: narrator and keyboards/director

Giovanni Imparato: voice and percussion/artistic director

Aldo Perris: bass/orchestration

Mats Hedberg: guitar

Antonio Carluccio: guitar, vocals

Davide Grottelli: sax, flute

Anna Rita Di Pace: violin and voice.