Napulitanamente multi art event May 4 2023

We are pleased to announce the first official Napulitanamente event

Mediterranean Cocktail of Art

on Thursday, May 4th 2023. 4PM to 8PM at

11405 Chandler Blvd, North Hollywood, CA. 91601, USA.

Produced by Low Pulse Project

May 4th multi art event flyer

The event will open with a multi-art exhibition featuring paintings by Shahin Mastian, sculpture by Tigran Martikyan and photography by Karine Armen, live music by Daniele De Cario.

You will meet artists featured in the latest edition of our magazine.

There will be the presentation of the latest edition of Napulitanamente magazine and its novelties including the new logo created by Officina Mirabilis, a leading agency in the field of communication and ethical advertising.

About Napulitanamente magazine

Napulitanamente is a magazine featuring Neapolitan heritage which, for historical and geographical reasons, extends its interests to the entire Mediterranean area.
It is an independent, English written, biannual publication, founded in 2020,  published by Low Pulse Project. Our aim is to spread the culture and the truth of our history by eliminating any misunderstanding spread all over the world.

At Napulitanamente we want to make sure we keep the heritage, the history and the culture of Naples and the whole Mediterranean area alive, while also making it easy for everyone to learn even more about these beautiful and fascinating cultures.

Our website,, is every day updated in contents featuring a wide range of articles, ranging from history, language, art, photography, theatre, cinema, music, philosophy, poetry, to sports, food&drink, lifestyle and business. Video interviews, and letters of immigrants from all over the world are also included.

Our printed version is released every six months. It offers a free preview of the first 8 pages, and it is available for purchase on demand with worldwide shipping at

What makes Napulitanamente unique is the fact that the contents on the website are free  for everyone. Furthermore, unlike other Italian publications in California, Napulitanamente features articles and interviews with celebrities and lesser-known but very talented personalities to give them greater exposure.
We do all this for free, offering a detailed, yet unbiased, insight into the culture and keeping a very objective approach.

In just under three years we have achieved good goals with a high number of readers all over the world and arousing great interest. VoyageL.A. (Los Angeles online magazine), Radio Cantinella (Italian radio station), Il Sud Plus (Italian product & experience design network), Menabò (Italian literary magazine), Shoutout L.A. have talked about us. (Los Angeles online magazine).

After having worked, for many years, for the Italian community and having ascertained the disinformation that spreads regarding the history and culture of Southern Italy and the whole Mediterranean area, I have decided to devote myself entirely to the dissemination of real facts and historical truths and and to promote talents, ideas and projects from the local area and abroad.
Thanks to the help of Low Pulse Project, during the pandemic, I accepted to face this challenge.

In a time of civil change, amidst unrest and reform, I believe that every equipped leader, in every community, should be burdened with the obligation to make an impact on it. In the same way, our editorial project aims to give a positive and decisive impact to society. Over the past few years, we, personally and as a community, have faced unprecedented challenges . Thanks to the people and to the brands that support us, we have been able to get back up every time in the face of adversity.

Napulitanamente multi art event May 4 2023