You are currently viewing Napulitanamente is almost 2 years old!

Napulitanamente is almost 2 years old!

Napulitanamente was born with a lot of commitment and with as many efforts it tries to continue to exist both online and on paper.

Since the first release on July 31, 2020, 4 issues of Napulitanamente have been released. In just 16 months of life gets more than 1500 regular monthly readers on the portal from the United States, Canada, India, Holland, France, Germany, Arab Emirates, Iran, Armenia, Spain, Japan, Italy; and has reached over 6600 followers on Facebook.

We take small steps and we do them little by little but we do it together with you who are a witness of your time and protagonist of our magazine.

We have published stories, articles, interviews and videos. All for free.

On July 31st Napulitanamente will turn 2 years old.

We want to thank you for reading Napulitanamente and for your supporting us.

Your donation, however small, can help us do more and better.

By passing the phone over the QR code on the back cover of the paper magazine as well as on the PDF version you can make a contribution that will help us to improve and Napulitanamente to remain free. You can also make a donation by following the link below

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Your effort is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!


Editorial Staff