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Mom’s sweets and delicacies

Daily recipes of a happy mother from Ionian Calabria – By E. Civale

We are working to publish tasty video recipes from the Calabrian tradition, prepared with love by a mother who transformed her talent into a successful business.
Let’s meet Elvia and her passion for healthy and tasteful traditional cuisine told by herself!

Hi everyone! My name is Elvia, I was born and raised in a town in Calabria and I am a happy mother of three wonderful children. Every day I take care of my family. I cook healthy, different and traditional foods, trying to enhance the foods of my territory, to discover ancient traditions, experimenting and inserting innovation and above all imagination into the dishes I prepare.

Cooking is a true art that gives space to one’s creativity and allows one to choose flavors and aromas that also belong to the memories, history and roots of one’s territory.

Cuisine is culture. The South, and more generally the Italian one, are its representation. Each dish contains a story within itself.
I have been cooking for twenty-three years. I became passionate about cooking after being happily married to a foodie!
With my dishes I try to make my loved ones happy, who are used to succulent and appetizing recipes. It’s nice to make tasty recipes for those you love.

Daily recipes of a happy mother from Ionian Calabria
I confess I have a weakness for sweet recipes! I love cooking them and above all eating them, in short I am a great fan of the culinary arts.
My passion for cooking certainly originates from childhood, when aromas and flavors invaded every corner of my home and in addition to nourishing the body, they nourished the mind and soul.
Cuisine in Calabria, and in the South in general, has an inestimable value, it belongs to culture and represents tradition.
In short: the table in the South is life, beauty and art!
Let’s not forget that we are the creators of the Mediterranean diet, a true philosophy of life focused on healthy and varied eating habits.
To be a good cook you need three things: “passion which is the driving force, curiosity and imagination… Buon Appetito a Tutti!

cooking with mamma Elvia


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