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Miles: Design that means style

Fashion, grace and independence of an upcoming Neapolitan stylist

Neapolitan stylist Miles has garnered the attention of the fashion industry’s elite thanks to her forward-thinking perspective on design and unwavering commitment to sophistication and originality. Carmela De Stefano, as Miles, comes from a creative family and is a well-known fashion designer. Moreover, the fact that her grandmother maintained a renowned atelier in Naples helped her career prospects. It took a little while for Miles’ extraordinary skill to capture the imagination of style-conscious people worldwide. Furthermore, her recent achievements have set her up to become a future leader in her field.

Philosophy of Class and Femininity: Miles’ Timeless Elegance

One of the things that sets Neapolitan stylist Miles apart is how elegant and sophisticated she is. According to her, there is no separating these two concepts. For her, the hallmarks of class are self-control, poise, and delicacy.

Also, her artwork has an air of self-assured sophistication. She loves understated grace and refinement. Therefore, she favors simple styles and avoids flash. In addition, the aesthetic value of Miles’s work is timeless and resistant to fashion.

Miles Design that means style Photo©Salvatore Dragone

Versatile Vision: Exploring the World of Fashion

Neapolitan stylist Miles has experimented with several different types of design.

Her specialty is Pret-à-porter (a kind of ready-to-wear apparel), for which she designs fresh interpretations of time-honored silhouettes.

In addition, she is not afraid to try new things, too, and has walked the catwalk at prestigious events like Rome’s “Fashion & Talents” to showcase her one-of-a-kind creations and abilities to the world. Moreover, the fact that she has experimented with both women’s and men’s fashion demonstrates her willingness to take risks.

Nature as a Muse: The Deep Connection to the Natural World

The beauty of nature inspires Neapolitan stylist Miles. She draws inspiration from nature’s beauty and sensory experiences. Her unique views of the world’s beauties are infused with nature. Also, her creations appeal to fashion-nature lovers due to her intimate links to nature.

Fashion as a Language: Clothing as a Means of Self-Expression

Neapolitan stylist Miles values significance over technical features in clothes. She believes that clothing reflects your social status, personality, and feelings. Also, she sees the closet as a canvas for personal expression. What you wear might affect your mood and others’. Miles highlights clothing’s ability to transform looks.

Miles Design that means style Photo©Salvatore Dragone

Holiday Season Guidance: Stylish Tips from Miles

Miles is now well-recognized as an expert in seasonal clothing. She has the knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry to give people sound advice on what to wear in various settings. Whether attending a laid-back cocktail party or a formal dinner with clients, Miles can help you look your best.

Final Words

We confidently assert that Neapolitan stylist Miles, is well on his way to achieving greatness. She is known for her devotion to feminine beauty and refinement throughout design disciplines, also because of her conviction in clothes as self-expression. Moreover, combining classical and contemporary elements gives her art a timeless beauty and unique touch. Furthermore, Miles’ fresh approach to fashion has won over many fashionistas, whether you’re interested in her designs or seeking holiday dressing guidance.

We took advantage of this opportunity to ask her for some suggestions on what to wear this holiday season.

What should a woman be missing from her outfit?

It may be an obvious answer, but I believe that one thing that can never be missing from a woman’s outfit is the bag; an added value not only to make the look complete but above all for the practicality it offers, as it allows you to have everything you need at hand. I believe that accessories are, even if not essential, fundamental to giving that extra touch without ever exaggerating.

What do you recommend women wear for the Christmas party or dinner and for the New Year party or dinner?

Starting from the Christmas and New Year’s dinner, since it is a more informal situation, I would opt for black leather trousers or even a long red velvet skirt with a front slit paired with an oversized cream white wool sweater with a soft high collar and foot in Prada style moccasin.

For the party definitely something more sophisticated like a classic long black dress which is always synonymous with elegance with an oversized men’s jacket on top or alternatively a robe-manteau; in both cases to be combined with a décolleté.