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Style and substance in the Fashion Season 2024 – By K. Bashaf

“The world of fashion is a truly frenetic world: it is no coincidence that, recently, the two events in which I participated, with my creations, took place two days in a row in two different cities: Rome and Milan. you don’t even have time to realize what happened one evening and which you already have to project into the next day. Not to mention the delirium backstage, where in the total chaos I found part of my dress torn, even before it went out on the catwalk. But there was also a funny anecdote: during the pre-show wait, I was mistaken for one of the models, in fact the event’s make-up artist approached me asking me if I was ready to show yet.” Miles

After the much appreciated style suggestions for the Christmas season we met again with the Neapolitan designer Miles, a promising voice of Italian fashion, for some advice for spring/summer 2024.

Miles ahead photo Salvatore Dragone

For those who don’t know her yet, this entry belongs to Carmela De Stefano, affectionately known as Miles in the world of couture fashion.
She combines fashion, beauty and freedom in a unique piece of design. She is recognized as one of the most promising designers in Italy, attracting style-curious people from all over.

An inherited legacy and a future planned by fashion
Miles belongs to a family where creativity is valued more than anything else. Her move into fashion seemed almost inevitable. She inherited the taste for style and the desire to make the best of her, from her grandmother, owner of a famous atelier in Naples.
That of Miles is a constant journey to artistic research which establishes her as a leader in fashion design through innovation.

Miles’ design ethic: elegance in a person
Miles sees fashion as a profession and a visual story of class, women and classic beauty. She says: “There is no elegance without self-control, balance and delicacy.” Her works prove that she is right. Her work rejects the short term in favor of the eternal and contradicts contemporary trends by choosing a delicate simplicity that exudes beauty.

Miles ahead photo Sarah Tarves

A versatile visionary that combines silhouettes and seasons
With each piece for the 2024 fashion season, Miles showcases a new way to reinterpret classic shapes, marking her as a versatile visionary. Her journey into fashion is marked by ready-to-wear and personalized couture. Her appearances at major events such as “Fashion & Talents” in Rome have showcased her unique designs and her courageous desire to blur the lines between men’s and women’s clothing, which is the definition of taking risks in fashion.

The Ethereal Muse is the Daughter of Nature
Miles draws inspiration for her art from the peace and wonder of nature. She adds the beauty and emotional richness of nature to her work. Furthermore, she has a strong connection with nature, which makes her ideas attractive to people who want more than just clothes. She also wants to balance fashion and environment, showing her creativity.

Fashion as vulgar: the art of expression
Miles believes that clothes go beyond being a thing and can be used to represent oneself. She sees the closet as a language of identity, social position, and emotional history. Each of her designs is a conversation between the wearer and the editor because it allows the user to express their personality, mood and point of view.

Miles photo Sarah Tarves

Miles’ advice for spring/summer 2024
About this Spring/Summer Miles says:“For women I suggest combining the shirt worn open, which takes the place of the blazer, worn over crop tops, tank tops, bralettes, deluxe bras and even the bikini top. Many different combinations to mix with palazzo trousers, long skirts or Bermuda shorts , to have maximum comfort but at the same time be in line with the seasonal trends. Even better if you play everything on colors that contrast with each other or, on the contrary, on a chromatic harmony characterized by soft and neutral shades.
For men, however, I would suggest the blazer, with a soft design and an oversized volume that loses any rigidity, making it practical and comfortable. Especially to be combined with leisurewear items such as Bermuda shorts and more classic shirts. A valid alternative are multi-pocket vests, even in leather, which find the perfect combination with cargo trousers and wide leg jeans.”

Carmela De Stefano, as Miles, isn’t just riding the waves of fashion; she is also charting a course to a place where style meets substance and grace embraces expression. From the streets of Naples to the famous catwalks of Rome and Milan, her story speaks of determination, love and the endless search for beauty. As we explore fashion trends in 2024, one thing becomes clear: the future really does wear Miles.

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