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Men’s Fashion Week: 2024 opens with creativity and innovation

Milan, February 2nd, 2024 – In the fascinating setting of Men’s Fashion Week 2024, the catwalks have transformed into real stages of creativity and innovation.

On Saturday De Sarno inaugurated the event with an extraordinary collection for Gucci, immersing the public in an unprecedented sensorial experience. Her sensual vision was beautifully expressed through crystal-encrusted tank tops and denim, where sparkling fringes danced across jackets and coats, and technical fabric bomber jackets captured the pulsating essence of disco.

Image consultant Arianna Fulciniti underlined “the evolution of the collection, noting the intriguing presence of voluminous coats with broad shoulders, which ranged from neutral tones to decidedly bolder colours, such as lime and cobalt. Luxuriously long ties and suits with side closure and buttoning helped redefine Gucci’s style, away from Alessandro Michele’s previous flamboyant designs.

Giorgio Armani transported the audience on a romantic adventure through his Emporio Autumn/Winter 2024-2025 collection.

The show was a true odyssey, with elegant female figures crossing the catwalk wearing tailored suits and long coats. The models, modern courageous captains, wore generously voluminous clothes during the day, while the evening saw the arrival of suits with precious embroidery, including trousers sparkling like the moonlight on the sea,” commented the consultant.

Fendi took the audience on an evocative journey between countryside and city, drawing inspiration from Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral.

Loose, drop-crotch Bermuda shorts, which almost looked like skirts, blended harmoniously with polo shirts and field jackets, creating a functional and luxurious Scottish weekend repertoire. The accessories, from the Siesta Bag, evoking the concept of an afternoon nap, to the portable speaker enclosed in the FF case, created in collaboration with the French company Devialet, have added a touch of innovation and practicality“, said Fulciniti in this regard .

Dolce & Gabbana told a story of renewed desire for elegance with the Sleek collection. ‘

The catwalks were invaded by elegant tailoring, with impeccably cut jackets and coats, shirts enriched with soft bows and collars inspired by the repertoire of Spencer jackets and tuxedos. The prevailing black palette, with touches of white, contributed to creating an atmosphere of class and sophistication”, according to the image consultant.

Prada offered a show of extraordinary conceptual depth with the “Human Nature” collection.

The scenography, created by the AMO studio, contrasted the interiors of an office with a natural landscape, underlining the desire to return to natural rhythms in a hyper-connected world. The Prada man emerged as a multifaceted figure, alternating suits with huge single-breasted jackets and shirts and ties, layering formal coats with Canadian tuxedos and loungewear pajamas. Eccentric accessories, such as swimming caps and goggles, have become an integral part of this meditation on the simplicity and intrinsic beauty of the natural environment”, concludes the image consultant.

Each designer brought a unique and fascinating perspective to the catwalk, creating an unforgettable experience for fashion enthusiasts around the world. The collections channeled a fusion of creativity, innovation and sophistication, setting new standards in the fashion landscape.