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Maldestro: Unleashed brilliance

The new artistic season of a poliedric artist and a free thinker – By N. Yakova

Enjoy the invigorating journey into the world of Maldestro, an artist who stands out for his countless talents. From “Sopra al Tetto del Comune” (above to the roof of the municipality) he becomes a “Cult” amidst the anxieties and contradictions of our society. Scampia neighborhood, in Naples, is where he spent his youth- a time which he still remembers as “vibrant”. From then, a celebrated Italian singer-songwriter, as well as a theater virtuoso, Maldestro’s artistry is rooted in Scampia while touching the hearts and souls of audiences worldwide. Let’s take a tour into the sea of music and theater, the power of his words, and the might of his inner spirit as he braves through the power struggles of life with genuineness, passion, and undaunted resistence.

The Birth of a Musical Prodigy

Maldestro’s Early Years in Scampia helped him to understand the limitations imposed upon him. He raised among the dreams and desires of young colorful souls. He was nine years old when he started playing piano.While emerging under the bright colorfulness of Neapolitan culture, he heard the chorus of the ambient and imbibed the set of stories that made up his creative imagination, arts, and the fundament through which he became what he is today. The flow of his life is just like in the busy markets of Scampia or in the narrow alleys of the center of Naples: wherever he is he feels the rhythms of life. Consequently, that was the ground from which Maldestro started and which he used to stimulate his artistic skills and then his way of writing screenplays, writing songs and performing music.

The Melodic Mastery of Maldestro

Maldestro is a master of interpretation who always gives us a picture that coincides with the cycle of human life. Using music as his voice, he encounters the various gray areas of life, the multifaceted elements that leave us questioning our way of life.
He is an artist of a different kind, whose music reaches beyond Naples to enchant the oppressed masses everywhere. Just at the beginning of his career, as a songwriter, he obtained prestigious Italian music recognitions such as the Ciampi Award, the De André Award, the S.I.A.E. Award, the AFI Award, the Musicultura Award, and finalist in the Tenco Award for best debut album. Furthermore, his participation in the Italian Song Festival: Sanremo 2017, led him to win the Mia Martini Critics Award followed by other renowned national awards such as the Lunezia Award, the Enzo Jannacci Award, the Assomusica Award. If there is one thing that Maldestro’s lyrics reveal it is the authenticity, the weakness but also the indestructible spirit of humanity – which also emerge from his latest compositions.

Harmonizing Humanity: Sparked by an emotional moment in her youth, Maldestro starts her musical journey

Maldestro’s musical beginnings were, in turn, the seed of the journey of self-discovery and artistic self-expression, that, with the time, turned into an epiphany. Taking his cue from real life, these songs were like the glasses that sit on a mirror to reflect the moods, happiness, sorrows, and mysteries of life. Using an emphatic voice of raw emotion and a serendipitous ability to tell stories, Maldestro was extraordinary at stirring the souls of his listeners and making them think through his textured melodies and insightful lyrics. From low-key, upbeat acoustic hits dazzled by his artistry to standing ovations at shows, there was no low flag for him with either audiences or critics.

Maldestro’s theatrical Odyssey: a mosaic of creativity

Maldestro’s journey into the arts has been like a complex mosaic where the essence of theater is a story of progress, self-realization and finesse. From the first time he performed on stage it was clear that he would become a flowering bud for a giant tree as happened in the following years. Initially he followed the line of the unrivaled tradition of Neapolitan comedy. Later, driven by an internal need for creative fulfillment, he evolved by exploring new avenues and thus founded his own avant-garde theater company. For a young man of just 19 years old it was an astonishing step in the development of the dramatic arts, unprecedented before.Through his staged works, each time he has gone beyond the limits of plot development, achieving great success, for the themes he deals with and for the way he conceives them artistically, until 2020, when he staged, at Bellini Theater in Naples, ‘I am not a pacifist’ a piece on the life of Gino Strada, Founder of Emergency, who throughout his life committed himself to a world without war.
In his theatrical creations, Maldestro showed how the human spirit can triumph over its challenges and how the cycle of art goes through its processes of creation and rebirth.

Theatrical Triumphs

When a writer creates a story, he or she comes up with characters, scenes, and plot twists. This initial stage is often the most challenging aspect of writing because it involves brainstorming, deciding on a narrative, and crucially choosing characters. As in music, the art of telling stories through theatrical performances is also the artist’s favourite. In the theater he brought vivid life to diverse characters and plots, while the skilled talent kept audiences breathless with richly detailed scenes and performances. Every character he plays and every story he tells are the result of the genius and dedication of his entire being. At the beginning of his career as an author he proposed funny comedies then he delved into the human soul revealing an illustration of his creativity which allowed him to extend the boundaries of his art and thus obtain deserved fame and recognition.

Prelude to Evolution: the new artistic season that examines the rise of his rap in this community

Last July a new phase began which sees a change not only in the musical genre but also in his being a man, above all free as a man. Maldestro is the stage name of Antonio Prestieri who, as himself, finally talks about the smallness and superficiality of many journalists, who, assuming him to be the protagonist of stories that never belonged to him, have complicated his artistic path making his life difficult.
Starting from “Preludio“(prelude), the single released last summer, more than a courageous departure from the previous model, Maldestro’s is a conscious evolution which, passing through “Famiglia Criminale” (criminal family), “Vogl sta cu te” (I want to be with you) and “Fort” (strong), is characterized by a beat aggressive, in which he adopts the rap and hip-hop genre as a creative vehicle, who sings in the Neapolitan language, biting the microphone, telling and describing himself in a rough and frank way, and which shocks, with harsh rhymes about the hard life and experiences he has lived firsthand.

M.:“The type of experience that I tell today in my songs, if I don’t do it with my native language, doesn’t have the same weight, it doesn’t have the same emotion. Therefore it doesn’t have the same value. Certain things can only be said in Neapolitan, otherwise they deflate, they lose their strength, their true meaning. For example, saying “amore” is different from saying “ammore” !(ammore means “love” in Neapolitan, and it is written with the double “m”ed.) The meaning is completely different. So in this new artistic season I need to sing in Neapolitan to be able to tell a sort of story. As for my current artistic choice, don’t deny my past because it is still part of me.”

Each new verse, accompanied by the unique rhythm that it adds to his songs, even breaks the mold of the genre and surprises the audience with his multiple styles, creating a niche for himself among the vibrant rhythms of Italian music.

Maldestro: Unleashed brilliance

Diving Deep: Maldestro’s podcast and the strength within us

Continuing his creative pursuit, Maldestro launches his refreshing podcast “Demons” where he holds captivating dialogues with people across the spectrum, flying into the deep part of the mind and investigating the thoughts that trouble our minds.
An introspective journey to understand all the tribulations and profound questions of existence will become the main purpose of each episode. Witnessing the history of human beings is what all listeners will experience, vigorously letting go of their fears, overcoming their frailties and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing. Maldestro’s masterpiece is expressing his wit and wisdom. He faces the taboo in a very professional way of courage and angelic kinship. It illuminates the darkness within the being and encourages others to embrace its naturalness.

A visionary director: Maldestro’s perspective to improve our society

Maldestro is about to give the people of music and theater the power of cinema, which extends itself as a tool to support change and campaigns.
He is currently working on several projects, starting from music, through theater and literature up to cinema. One of his latest projects deals with affection and sexuality to help better understand the depth of our humanity and address existing prejudices related to these topics.
It is a documentary that serves the voices of the poor and gives people glimpses into their daily struggles which leads them to feel empathetic and understand these things better.
In this way we can shape an impartial society in terms of equality and justice.

M.: I am working on a documentary about affectivity and sexuality that I would like to take to prisons to discuss with the inmates. In short I would like to have two meetings, one in prisons and one with teenagers. In my opinion sexuality and affectivity are even more important topics today and I believe it is important to bring these topics into these structures. It is inconceivable that in prison there is no education about feelings and there is no possibility of having sex in prison. First of all prisons the way they works are not structures ready to regenerate (recover) human beings who made mistakes. Prisons would need musical activities, theatrical activities, sporting activities, psychologists, sexual activities,but all of this is missing. The fact that prisoners are left there like animals does not solve the problem of crime in the most absolute way. I am convinced that a better prison is the reflection of a better society. I care a lot about this documentary just as I care about this very topic.

Maldestro uses his sensitivity, his humanity as weapons and his art as a shield to undertake a mission to create a better world, a world that is not limited only to compassion, but also incorporates tolerance, normality and the mysteries that they exist within it. But it goes further, proposing valid and constructive solutions.

Beyond Borders

While Maldestro has his own perspective on the world, his philosophical approach to both crisis management and solving everyday problems is worth considering. In the midst of the chaos that is our political whirlwind and people’s intolerance, a man with a humanized vision, founded on empathy, compassion and solidarity with all humanity is what Maldestro seeks to offer. The same idea of “We are all interconnected” is repeated by Maldestro: “We are connected in our experiences of love, loss, and longing.” Although he is Neapolitan he enjoyed great encouragement in international relations and never felt bound by the boundaries of culture, always embracing diversity with an open heart. Music, theater and literature channeled into a single cause to ease tension in a fragmented world and to create a sense of unity and common purpose in this world.

The Power of Words

Maldestro’s infatuation with writing combined with his gift of storytelling inspires his literary ambitions without any limits. From biographical memoirs to fictional narratives, he opens up and explores the vast imagination of humankind using limitless tools and curiosities. Bringing a deep sensitivity to reflection and a penchant for narrative, the unwritten pages of Maldestro’s writings promise to keep generations of readers engrossed and entertained for time immemorial. In fact, through written words, just like those sung and staged, he digs into the soul of man involving emotion and descriptiveness, leading readers to participate in the exploration and meditation of the inner self.

A Beacon of Hope

When he plays or acts on stage Maldestro shines for everyone, letting the light of hope encourage the hearts of many who are adrift.
Through his art he selflessly donates his time and resources to the most disadvantaged communities, while at the same time working to ensure that the issues facing those communities are not just heard but fought. In fact, Maldestro’s desire to bring positive change does not end after leaving the stage but continues in everyday life. It is not impossible to improve the situation for all the people who need help. With every act of kindness and every sign of human solidarity, Maldestro’s becomes a representation of compassion and empathy, whose community could follow his example and understand how art can change and even reverse unequal lives.

An Enduring Legacy

The effects of Maldestro’s influence are already being felt in the cultural sphere. He is a role model for those of the next generation and for those involved in art, activism or any program of deliberate change.
Whether music, theatre, film or literature, Maldestro’s legacy teaches us all how eloquent art can be and how it can inspire idealists to fight injustice, promote empathy and ignite the very movements that they initiate this change we seek.
As we reflect on his impact on art and society, we not only remember his story, which in itself touches the heart, but also encourages the spirit of resistance and hope that he represents, and thus this spirit allows us to breathe and live with force, courageously and intentionally.

The complete picture of Maldestro’s artistic career

Throughout the twists and turns, Maldestro’s artistic path is constantly marked by challenges to self-discovery, and of human being in general, to the exploration of new ideas and improvement. From his beginnings as a young playwright, from his musical successes to his rise to glory, as a cultural phenomenon he has always challenged the norm and clichés, challenging what is accepted and taken for granted.
With each new venture, he examines what material, settings and phrases pair well to create new music, changing the way he makes art and developing new boundaries. Through his performances on stage, or in the studio, Maldestro constantly goes beyond himself in making his work fresh and interesting, in art as well as in the personal sphere and this creative approach has brought him much-needed criticism and a fan base that he eagerly awaits his every new endeavor.

Effects of Maldestro’s activity on the artistic and cultural life of Italy

Maldestro’s influence is not just limited to the confines of the Italian music industry, but it has the requirements and the potential to change the cultural landscape inside and outside Italy. His primarily soft lyrics and music, combined with loquacious and honest social commentary, have allowed him to initiate profound conversations on topics such as identity, inequality and social unjustice. These conversations will make the public reflect on concrete facts and push them to recreate a society that is fair for all. As an Italian singer-songwriter highly appreciated throughout the country, in this new artistic season he demonstrates that it is possible to review the perimeter of Italian music without contradicting tradition, but fusing it without difficulty with modern and authentic moments. Thus opens a new path for a generation of artists who bring their music into the realm of life issues: identity, resistance and improvement of human being.

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