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Learn Neapolitan language!

Here are the dates of the next Neapolitan Language Courses
– March 5th, 2024, intermediate level B1/B2 in attendance at Palazzo Venezia in Spaccanapoli (15 lessons falling on Tuesdays at 5.30PM) €20 registration + €5/lesson with aperitif;
– March 7th, 2024, basic level A1 Online (8 lessons falling on Thursdays at 7PM) €25 all-inclusive. Course that can be followed from every corner of the world.

Neapolitan Language Courses

For information and registration you can also contact the number: +39 331 89 23 006
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– I Lazzari
– La lingua di Napoli
– Davide Brandi
– I Lazzari associazione di promozione sociale
Associazione di Promozione Sociale I Lazzari

Learn Neapolitan language