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Lazzaro Verace Award 2022

Lazzaro Verace Award 2022

On Wednesday, July 6th, at Palazzo Venezia (in Spaccanapoli) there will be the award ceremony of the Lazzaro Verace Award 2022.

(Opening doors at 6PM).

This year the prize is awarded to the Consul General of France in Napoli, dr. Laurent Burin des Roziers, for having “opened” to Neapolitan culture by promoting numerous initiatives at the Grenoble in via Crispi including the basic Neapolitan language course, meetings on Neapolitan Baroque literature and, especially, for the 400th anniversary of the commemoration of Giulio Cesare Cortese with his most representative work: Vaiasseide, meetings with the students of the schools of Napoli, seminars, conferences, shows and much more (all by Davide Brandi, president of I Lazzari association).

France Consul Burin des Roziers e Davide Brandi

The prize will be delivered by Prof. Gennaro De Crescenzo, who won the 2021 edition.

The certificates of Lazzaro/a Verace will also be awarded to all participants in the Neapolitan courses (basic, advanced and Neapolitan Baroque literature) in the โ€œ2021/22 sessionโ€.

Some poems of the “Nazario Napoli Bruno” Competition will also be declaimed, the winners announced and awarded by the jurors.

There will be artistic interventions with the soprano “Lazzara” Francesca Curti Giardina accompanied by Maestro Nicola Campanile, of the Ethos Duo (Maestro Tiziana Savarese, guitar and Maestro Dora Statunato, mandolin) and greetings from La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano, from the Company AgriVinicola Cavasete by Giuseppe Luongo and many others who will attend the party.

The evening will be presented by the multifaceted Davide Brandi and by Cinzia Fragasso.

Admission to the event is free as long as seats are available.

I Lazzari Association

at Palazzo Venezia – Napoli

Via B.Croce, 19 – Napoli, Italy.