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Kundavela arrives: the first sailing holiday dedicated to yoga and wellness

Aeolian Islands, May 10th, 2024 – It is a renewing journey, where the sea and yoga meet to create an unparalleled experience. At the center of this unique adventure we find Rosario Scuteri, one of the yoga teachers – the other is Martina – who will guide the participants through the practice of yoga in the crystal clear waters of the Aeolian Islands.

But who is Rosario Scuteri? Rosario is a multifaceted figure, entrepreneur since 1998 and visionary founder of GreenforLife, who found in yoga and spiritual journeys not just an escape, but a true rebirth.

These experiences have profoundly influenced his approach to business, introducing concepts of well-being and sustainability into his businesses. Today, with Kundavela, Rosario brings these lessons to the waves, sharing his passion and vision with those ready to embark on this journey of wellness.

The Aeolian Islands, with their breathtaking landscape, represent the perfect setting for this yoga holiday.

This archipelago, known for its wild beauty and volcanic panoramas, offers the ideal pace and environment to reconnect with nature and yourself. Kundavela promises not only to explore these enchanting islands, but to do so in such a way that every day is an opportunity to awaken body and spirit with the sunrise, practice yoga on the deck of a boat, and feel part of a greater whole.

By entering the world of Kundavela and following in Rosario’s footsteps, you prepare to experience not just a holiday, but a transformative experience.

An adventure that combines the ancient art of yoga with the freedom and peace of the sea, making every moment a step towards deep inner harmony.

Kundavela: a unique experience.

Imagine a holiday where the sea becomes your classroom, the wind your music and yoga your guide. This is the concept of Kundavela: combining the practice of yoga with life on a sailing boat, creating an experience that goes beyond the simple journey. Kundavela is therefore not just a holiday, but a wellness journey that winds through the waves of the sea and yogic practices, offering a new way of experiencing sailing.

The day begins with a sun salutation on the large deck of the boat, as the sun rises and paints the crystal-clear waters pink. The morning yoga sessions are followed by a nutritious breakfast, prepared with fresh, local ingredients, ideal for reinvigorating the body after practice.

The synergy between navigation and yoga is fully manifested when, with sails in the wind, you explore the hidden coves and secret beaches of the Aeolian Islands, places that seem created specifically to rediscover inner balance and tranquility.

During the day, participants have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in nature, snorkeling in the transparent waters or simply relaxing to the sound of the waves. Every moment on board is an invitation to disconnect from everyday stress and reconnect with yourself, thanks also to the company of people who share the same values and interests.

In the evening, after a day full of activities and discoveries, the group meets for a yoga or meditation session at sunset, a magical moment when the sky turns orange and the sea seems to embrace the sun as it disappears on the horizon.

Sharing these experiences creates deep bonds, while the boat, gently cradled by the waves, becomes a safe and welcoming refuge.

Kundavela is therefore more than just a holiday; it is an adventure that transforms, a journey into the depths of the self and the heart of the sea, where every breath and every movement becomes part of a collective dance of peace and well-being.

Details of the Kundavela experience.

The Kundavela holiday takes place on an itinerary designed to immerse participants in perfect harmony with nature and the rhythm of the sea. The week begins on June 22nd in Portorosa, a welcoming port from which the anchor rises towards the magical Aeolian Islands. Each day, dawn welcomes participants with a yoga practice on the deck, with views of the sea stretching to the horizon, a view that invites meditation and inner renewal.

After muscular and spiritual awakening, a rich and balanced vegan breakfast follows, prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Meals on board are not only nourishment for the body, but also for the soul, being designed to support the spirit of the day and integrate the principles of yoga with those of a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Daily navigation follows the rhythm of the sea conditions and the group’s collective desires, stopping in places selected for their beauty and tranquility. Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea and Salina are just some of the stops where participants can explore, snorkel, or simply enjoy the sun and sea. The afternoon is free for exploration or to enjoy a rest at anchor, before ending the day with yoga or meditation at sunset.

The evenings are a time for sharing and growth. Chanting and meditation sessions are held on board, where mantras and music blend with the sound of the waves, creating an atmosphere of complete peace. These moments are ideal for reflecting on the experiences of the day and for deepening your connection with other participants and with yourself.

Kundavela Week will conclude on June 29, promising not just a journey across the islands, but a deep and transformative inner journey.

Benefits of a yoga holiday with Kundavela.

Taking a yoga holiday with Kundavela offers a unique integration of physical, mental and spiritual benefits, thanks to the synergistic combination of yoga and sailing. The open sea environment and isolation from daily routines create an ideal context to deepen the practice of yoga, promoting a sense of peace and connection with one’s interior that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

Physically, offshore yoga challenges the body and mind in new ways. The instability of the boat adds an element of core strength and balance, enhancing muscle toning and improving balance. Morning practices help stimulate digestion and activate the metabolism, while the fresh sea air helps purify the lungs, increasing oxygen absorption.

Mentally, distance from earthly concerns allows for a decluttering of the mind. Yoga helps manage stress and reduce anxiety, but practicing yoga in such an open and peaceful environment amplifies these benefits. The rhythm of the waves and the vastness of the horizon work together to calm the mind, facilitating deeper meditation and renewed inner focus.

Spiritually, Kundavela invites a journey of personal discovery and connection with the universe. The experience of practicing asanas under the open sky, with the sound of waves as a backdrop, can elevate your spiritual practice, leading to moments of intuition and cosmic connection. Living with a group of people aligned on similar goals also fosters an energetic and spiritual exchange that can be profoundly transformative.

Furthermore, contact with nature and the adoption of a healthy, vegan diet on board support a complete detox, not only of the body but also of the soul, making each participant more attentive and present. The combination of these elements makes a Kundavela holiday not just a moment of pause, but a true path of personal growth and holistic well-being.

Sustainability first of all.

Kundavela is not just a holiday, it is a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Every aspect of the Kundavela experience is designed with the aim of minimizing environmental impact and maximizing benefit to local communities and the marine ecosystem. The choice of a sailing boat is in itself a gesture of respect for the environment, exploiting the wind as the main driving force and thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

The food on board follows sustainability principles, with a completely vegan menu that uses local and seasonal products. This choice reduces the carbon footprint of the trip and supports local economies, encouraging responsible and sustainable agricultural production. Eating local foods not only guarantees freshness and taste, but also promotes a closer bond with the area visited.

Kundavela also works to educate and engage participants in conservation practices by organizing beach cleanups and meetings with local environmental experts. These activities not only enrich the travel experience, but transform every holidaymaker into an ambassador of the sea, aware and active in the fight for its protection.

How to take part in a Kundavela holiday.

Taking a Kundavela holiday is an accessible and well-organised experience. To book, just visit the Kundavela website, where you can find available dates and all the necessary information. Holidays are scheduled mainly in the summer months, taking advantage of the ideal climate for sailing and outdoor yoga.

All rates include yoga classes, vegan meals on board, and scheduled activities throughout the week.

To best prepare for the sailing and yoga experience, it is advisable to bring comfortable clothing suitable for both yogic practices and life on a boat. Don’t forget sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to protect you during hours of navigation. It’s also helpful to bring your own yoga mat, although there will be some available on board for those who need them.

With these simple steps, you are ready to immerse yourself in a vacation that promises not only rest and fun, but also personal growth and connection with nature.