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International Poseidonia Paestum Prize: Journalist Maria Cuono also on the podium

The 29th Edition of the International Poetry Prize Poseidonia Paestum took place – which also saw journalist and writer Maria Cuono on the podium for the anthology Tutto con il cuore (Everything with the heart). The new version of Verso l’Orizzonte (Toward the horizon). Reason: For having transfused the places of her life into verses until they became places of the soul. An honorable mention awarded to her by the Commission composed of Ermanno Corsi (President), Giuseppe Funicelli, Pasquale De Cristofaro Alberto Granese, Rita Bellelli.

There were about a hundred Published Texts in the competition. The work of the Jury was particularly difficult in selecting the winning lyrics and for this I thank each individual member and Dr. Rita Bellelli for her work as Coordinator in her capacity as Artistic Director of the Award.
Celebrating poetry in Paestum makes everything easier for us, because there is the extraordinary magic of a city suspended in time to remind us all of the fortune of living in history every day, together with those who over the years go to admire the wonderful Temples and the Civilizations that built them and who have given immortality and beauty to life and art.
Says Giuseppe Funicelli, President of the Permanent Center for the Diffusion of Culture of the Lions Club Paestum.

I participated for the first time in 2014 with the anthology Verso l’Orizzonte, dedicated to Lorella Cuccarini and now here I am with Tutto con il cuore. The new version of Verso l’Orizzonte published by Kimerik.
I thank the Jury for having awarded me and in particular the soprano Olga De Maio for having given a touch of magic to my anthology. I take this opportunity to invite everyone to the next cultural event that will see me as the absolute protagonist together with the tenor Luca Lupoli, author of the Melodrama di Metastasio on Monday July 15th, at 5pm at the Maschio Angioino in Naples. A prestigious cultural event that blends music and poetry. Moderated by the journalist and writer Daniela Merola. Among the speakers Ermanno Corsi himself, Rai journalist, Dr. Lydia Tarsitano, professor Ettore Massarese and the soprano Olga De Maio.” Says Maria Cuono, teacher of literary subjects, journalist, writer, Editor-in-Chief of the Newspage Allinfo.