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Incontri… in Jazz

The Casa del Mandolino Napoletano (House of the Neapolitan Mandolin), concert hall, music school, custodian of one of the symbols of Neapolitan tradition and culture, the mandolin, as well as being a place of study and dissemination, aims to encourage, enhance and bring the public closer to the Music, History, Tradition, Culture. From these assumptions, always in line with the fundamental characteristics aimed at quality and artistic depth, the need arises to open up to creativity, to a wide range of artistic projects and to promote different but not distant musical genres, linked by the same notes, appreciated, loved ones, and therefore become a usable and inclusive space, a point of reference for artists, musicians and music lovers.
In fact, the Casa del Mandolino Napoletano will dedicate a space to a periodical of Jazz Music concerts, curated by the pianist Mariella Pandolfi entitled Incontri in Jazz (Meetings in Jazz) with appointments to be held on Sunday mornings from 11AM.

Upcoming scheduled dates:

Sunday March 12th 11AM

Il Più Originale di Tutti: Thelonious Monk! (Most Original of All Thelonious Monk!)
The concert features pieces by one of the most famous and singular jazz musicians of all time: the American composer and pianist T. Monk. He was certainly a man dominated by some behavioral “oddities” such as his excessive silence and strong egocentrism which certainly flowed into his music, which was also defined as “weird”, as well as his piano technique. But his particular songs for the rhythmic sense and never predictable melodies have influenced the whole history of jazz. Just think of his wonderful ballad Round midnight, considered the most played standard of all time.

Sunday March 26th 11AM

Jazz e Bach… Si Può Fare? (Jazz and Bach… Can It Be Done?)
Classical music and jazz music seem to belong to worlds infinitely distant from each other yet the first improvisations were made by classical musicians such as Mozart, Scarlatti and others who even loved to challenge each other in music competitions played at the moment. And Bach is perhaps the first jazz musician in history for his so modern phrases. The concert offers pieces from a project by the pianist called bye Bach blues and which combines jazz music with preludes by Bach.


Mariella Pandolfi: piano
Massimo Mercogliano: double bass
Ciro Troise: drums

Mariella Pandolfi, a talented Neapolitan pianist, composer and arranger is a multifaceted artist who, in addition to being an excellent composer, is endowed with particular ability to interpret standards. She presents a varied and intense career that she has enriched with countless musical events, participation in festivals and reviews and collaborations with various musicians on the national jazz scene. She has published interesting works of great depth such as Bye Bach Blues, a very interesting disc which includes pieces composed by her in which, in a cocktail of notes, classical music joins jazz with a refined, elegant effect, an example of beautiful and original music.
Her latest album, I Passi di Zoe (Zoe’s steps), was recently released.

Massimo Mercogliano, Neapolitan double bass player, who studied electric bass with Guido Russo, ensemble music with Stefano Tatafiore and double bass with Gianluigi Goglia. He teaches electric bass and has a long and varied career consisting of participation in various formations, festivals and recording reviews.

Ciro Troise Neapolitan drummer, talented and virtuoso who boasts collaborations with various artists of international standing such as the pianist Kirk Lightsey, the saxophonist Ray Blue, Tom Kirkpatrick, trumpeter of the Charlie Parker Orchestra. He was invited to play before President Obama at the US Embassy in Rome.

incontri Jazz at La casa del Mandolino Napoletano

La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano
Piazzetta Museo FIlangieri, 247 Napoli

Meetings in Jazz


March 12 and 26 11AM.

Info and reservations
Telephone: +39 340 378 2113

contribution for the event € 10

It is advisable to contact the organizers for further information.
La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano
Artistic direction: Adolfo Tronco
Public relations: Liliana Mastropaolo