You are currently viewing I Lazzari presented the VII edition of Lazzaro Verace 2022.

I Lazzari presented the VII edition of Lazzaro Verace 2022.

At Palazzo Venezia, in Spaccanapoli, last Wednesday, July 6th, was held the seventh edition (V with the single prize), of the Lazzaro Verace 2022 Prize ceremony, presented by APS I Lazzari.

The eighteenth-century garden of the historic building in the heart of Napoli was crowded by many people who applaud the Consul General of France for the South, Laurent Burin des Roziers, winner of this edition. In his speech of thanks he gave happily surprised everyone speaking in Neapolitan.

Laurent Burin des Roziers,The award was presented by last year’s winner, Prof. Gennaro De Crescenzo who, together with the president of the association I Lazzari, Davide Brandi, recalled the commitment of the French diplomat in opening the “institutional buildings” of his competence to the Neapolitan culture (allowing to launch numerous initiatives to the I Lazzari Association), understanding its value and strong historical roots.

Davide Brandi, in the opening speech, recalled all the activities carried out in the 2021/2022 season, listing in details the events and the Neapolitan language courses held in several locations, especially the one promoted by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg for the European Day of Languages, held from September 2021 in the same Palazzo Venezia in Spaccanapoli.

The evening, presented by Cinzia Fragasso in collaboration with Rosaria Zamagni, immortalized by the cameraman Davide Guida and by the photographer Ciro Avitabile was enlivened by the music of the most welcome guests of the Casa del Mandolino, accompanied by Adolfo Tronco and Liliana Mastropaolo who played sweet Neapolitan melodies; by the splendid Tiziana Savarese (guitar) and Dora Gama Statunato (mandolin); and from the lazzara Francesca Curti Giardina, who gave shivers in a warm evening, with her beautiful song.

Following the tradition of the Lazzari, some deserving brands of the territory were also presented such as the Cavasete winery (whose owner, Giuseppe Luongo donated sips of his asprinio nectar to all bystanders), and the Atelier Artinร  with the very courageous Monica Fiorito who defied the heat wearing one of her wonderful nineteenth-century dresses.

Lazzaro Verace Prize 2022On the occasion, we also wanted to remember another lazarus who unfortunately died a few months ago, the talented poet Nazario Napoli Bruno, with a poetry contest (dedicated to him) and which saw a very numerous and passionate participation. The jurors, Ermete Ferraro and Francesco Limite (Liliana Palermo was absent) awarded the winners and some poems were declaimed, even out of competition as requested by the landlord, the prince of Palazzo Venezia, Gennaro Buccino.

This first edition was won by Pina Capobianco with the poem ‘E puete (The poets).

Finally, the certificates of LAZZARA / O VERACE were awarded to all participants in the various courses (basic Neapolitan, advanced Neapolitan, Neapolitan Baroque …) and an appointment was made in September for the start of a new exciting cultural Nepolitan adventure.

Monica Fiorito