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I am with baby Ludmilla

Yet another abuse by deviant social services.
The complaint of a desperate mother from whom social services illegitimately stole 4 children. Thursday the demonstration in Rome with the collection of signatures.

The methodology is almost always the same. They act by surprise, take advantage of people’s good faith, hit the weakest, lie and commit crimes.

The story goes back on 4 years ago.

The two older children were playing on the balcony while Giada, their mother, was taking care of the younger girl in the bedroom.
Suddenly some people entered her room and literally snatched her daughter from her arms, accusing her of being a dangerous mother.
That day, the social services toke away her three children: the first was 6 years old, the second 3 years old and a newborn girl. They did it without a reason, and without leaving any documentation that legitimized and testified to this action.

GP: “They took away the kids without even dress them. The youngest was 9 months old, she didn’t have a bodysuit, she only wore a diaper, because I was nursing her. “

Giada soon found out that the social workers, and thus the court, attributed her a life to her unknown that, moreover, they had never verified.

After her second child birth, Giada shared her business company with her husband who was unemployed. Meanwhile, she continued to work at the Marriott Hotel.
The mismanagement of Giada’s company by her husband led to the loss of all the clients of the young entrepreneur.
Giada was very busy with the children and worked every day for catering and events without sparing herself.
She became pregnant again but lost her baby due to grueling shifts at work. Her husband was unemployed again and the first arguments began.
When the third child was born it seemed that her husband had found a job in a restaurant.
Every day he wore a waiter’s uniform and went to work.

However, following his car accident, Giada discovered the bitter truth.

Her husband was not the person she thought he was, or maybe, he had changed. Their arguments resulted in some unpleasant episodes.

There was an episode of violence that the woman denounced.

From that moment the ordeal began.

Her report of violence was ascertained and reported by the hospital. However, the case went into statute of limitations.

Giada’s three children were taken away from her, and she was slandered and accused of having psychological problems and of being addicted to drugs. Accusations that are unfounded given the countless tests that prove the contrary.

However, her children are still estranged from her.

The Italian Constitution affirms the non-negotiable right of the minor to be educated within the family and that the State has the task of intervening to support families in difficulty.

In the case of families considered at risk, the minor must first of all be helped in a family context, preferably his/her own.

It is clear that not only are the measures based on slander and accusations without evidence but also the status of the measures and the result of these are not verified.

According to the social services, Giada is an unsuitable mother and has no right to be with her children.

For 4 months she did not know where her children were.

Later she was granted fortnightly visits. Visits during which the child’s mother is under scrutiny, under her control, perhaps by some mean feminist spinster who accuses her of empowering her children who are “too autonomous!”

Giada offered to follow any path indicated by the services but they did not proceed in this regard. Thus, at her expense, she underwent all possible investigations in order to prove the truth. About 3000 euros between psychological tests and exams.

It’s been 4 years now. On the basis of baseless slander 3 children are detained in the family home.

In order to ensure the minor’s privacy, the mother is not entitled to receive photos of her children. Meanwhile, the family homes, run by the nuns, post videos of the children, not always with their faces completely obscured, and of their activities, in order to obtain donations.

Initially Giada was disoriented and scared, she had no money, she was alone.

Some time ago she met a good man who loves her. He helps and supports her in this story. She so began to move and react.

At this point the social workers started proceedings without motivation and in ever shorter times, even going so far as to want to give the children up for adoption.

After the removal of her first three children, the social workers disappeared and failed to fulfill their duty. Giada saw the social worker 3 times only: the first time it happened when she went to pick up the children, then when she called her to the office, and, more recently, when she picked up the fourth born, Ludmilla.

When Giada was in the hospital to give birth to Ludmilla, she felt an unusual vibe. She felt observed. So much so that she called her attorney for her and confided this sentiment to him.

The lawyer attributed her fear to the trauma suffered for the removal of the children. He suggested her to not to think about it and to remain calm.


As soon as Ludmilla was born, she was healthy and they immediately attached her to her mother who, however, had no milk. Under this pretext, the social workers asked the mother to sign a permit to be able to proceed with bottle feeding, otherwise they would not have been able to feed the baby girl.

That paper was a deception.  Social workers first stated that Giada had not wanted to breastfeed her daughter. Then they made her sign the waiver of drug testing for the child.

Here it is the deception!

On the basis of these falsehoods (the refusal to breastfeed her daughter and the refusal of the drug test) the juvenile court ordered the forfeiture of Giada’s parental responsibility towards Ludmilla and the placement of the baby in a family home, where the little one currently is.

On Mondays, for an hour only, Giada goes to visit her daughter.

Giada is a caring mother.

Contrary to parents who delegate the education of their children to electronic devices, Giada follows their children who, although still young, are educated and empowered.

When her fourth pregnancy arrived, a female judge in court accused her of being a bad mother. According to the judge, given the situation, Giada would have had to interrupt her pregnancy.

Giada does not kill life. She does give birth and takes care of her children. She will do everything to bring them home.

Despite  being fully vaccinated every time she has a meeting with her daughter she also takes a swab. Although even if it is negative she is not allowed to kiss or hug her daughter. She is not allowed to change her diaper, nor to breastfeed her (give her a bottle).

As a result of the measures in the case of Ludmilla, the visits were blocked with her other children too.

Giada has decided to report.

GP: “Parents are afraid because they thimk that denouncing things, they aggravate.
Actually it’s the opposite. Things are getting worse behind the silence.”

Thanks to the lawyer Gian Luca Gismondi, Giada found the strength to denounce the social worker responsible for the case of baby Ludmilla.

Last Friday she stated what she have suffered from the social workers.

The drug abuse allegations are false. Ludmilla is a healthy child and she has no health problems or abstinence as confirmed by the hospital.

Doctors in the hospital argue that in the event of suspected abstinence in a newborn, they are not required to ask parents for consent to proceed with drug tests, but do so by informing the competent bodies in the event of a positive result.

So it is clear that that of certain social services, also in this case, as in the case of Cristian (Cari Figli Miei) and Mario (Papà Coraggio), is a dirty game that must be stopped as soon as possible.

On Thursday February 24th, 2022 there will be a demonstration with the collection of signatures for baby Ludmilla, and for all the 40,000 minors locked up in family homes, so that they can return home to their parents.

The event organized by the Movimento Idea Sociale represented by Avv. Gismondi, will take place from 2 pm to 5 pm (Italian time) in front of the VI Municipio di Roma, in via Cambellotti 11. The delegations of Movimento Nazionale, the Rete dei Patrioti and Militia Christi will speak. Giada, Ludmilla’s mother, will be there to defend the truth and the future of her children.

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