You are currently viewing Gennaro Patrone awarded today at “Monologhi e Colori” contest II Edition.

Gennaro Patrone awarded today at “Monologhi e Colori” contest II Edition.

Gennaro Patrone is a multifaceted artist and a very sensitive man. Being a researcher of “faces” and “feelings” he is therefore an investigator of the Neapolitan soul and therefore of Neapolitan language. Alongside his activity as a painter and sculptor Gennaro is also an author and poet.
We remember him for “Favola dei Giorni Nostri” (Tale of our times), a work in which he has given birth to the mask of Chiavichella; we remember him for “Mangiare veleno per partorire morte, ovvero chi vo’ ‘o mmale ‘e ll’ate ‘o ssuojo sta aret’ ‘a porta!” (Eating poison to give birth to death, or those who wish evil to others); or even for the latest comedy “Fobialoghi”.
A few months ago we have published his poem entitled “‘A Curona Mia” (My crown) with the English translation. It is a passionate poem that through the meaning and value of an object describes the intensity of a feeling and makes you feel the full weight of being Neapolitans. The weight of “… ‘e ccadute, d”e suonne, d”e suspire …”! (of falls, dreams and sighs) . Although it is not intended only as a burden but also as pride and as awareness of the human soul.
“… ‘A curona mia nun piaciarrà a nisciuno pecchè é sultante ‘a mia !” (Nobody will like my crown because it’s only mine!).

Actually, his crown seems to be greatly appreciated and this afternoon the Neapolitan artist has received the award for best poetry text, with a special mention, at the contest MONOLOGHI E COLORI II Edition, presented by Talentum Production and by the Vesuvian Academy of the Theater and Cinema and in collaboration with Radio Shamal Napoli.

The awards ceremony took place on Monday July 5th at 5 pm at TIN Theater in Napoli, in compliance with the anti-COVID measures. Journalist Roberta D’Agostino together with Lucia La Marca and Gianni Sallustro have hosted the event. The winners from different artistic sections such as video, monologues, have been awarded and so Gennaro Patrone.

The artist’s emotion?
We managed to ask him.

G.P. – I don’t know what to say about the emotions I felt. The atmosphere with the masks in a place like the theater, where the expression of the face is used, seemed a bit surreal to me.
A strange context for now, let’s say that I was very pleased to meet old friends and collegues and that there was talk of future projects. –

Watch the video and listen to the Neapolitan poem ‘A Curona Mia.
by Gennaro Patrone.


‘A Curona Mia (My Crown) – English Translation

My crown is not made of gold, nor precious diamonds, nor silver or bronze. Not even zircons or pearls. What is nice is that it is not visible, it is not shiny. it is also a little damaged, transparent, ugly, dented, deformed. But surely she is sweaty, she is full of calluses. It is made of thorns. It is made of falls of dreams of sacrifices of disappointments and … of love. In truth, nobody will like my crown because it is only mine!