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GC Records: the first label with music made by AI is born

The first independent music label producing music made by Artificial Intelligence was born

Rome, February 28th, 2024 – GC Records, the first independent record label in Italy, completely guided by Artificial Intelligence, will be talked about a lot. The project, currently in Beta version, uses Instagram and YouTube as a publishing platform, with the aim of becoming a digital platform for the launch of unreleased songs in short versions.

The innovative initiative is by Gaetano Campolo, already CEO of other innovative startups in various fields.

Campolo was inspired by the vision of offering added value to the musical landscape: “The potential of this initiative is immense. Contrary to being considered as unfair competition to the traditional record market, GC Records is designed as a collaborative platform that intends to facilitate interesting musical collaborations “, commented Gaetano Campolo.

The collaboration with DistroKid

The first coup announced by the new label is the partnership with DistroKid for the distribution of singles and albums. The first single, “Cielo Stellare” (stellar sky) will be available on all digital music platforms for โ‚ฌ0.99, marking an incredible opening to innovation for music lovers.

stellar sky first AI cd made in Rome

With DistroKid on board, GC Records is destined to be talked about as one of the protagonists of the evolution of the Italian music industry.

AI and social in the name of innovation

The CEO has already started the promotion through the Instagram page @recordsmelody, which is already ready to collaborate with both emerging and already well-known artists.

Campolo then outlined GC Records’ potential involvement in a @recordsmelody Live Tour, scheduled for summer 2025.

Long-term projects therefore, for a new pioneering approach that not only opens up new opportunities for artists, but which could also revolutionize the way music is produced and distributed.

The combination of artificial intelligence and digital platforms offers a fascinating prospect for the future of the music industry, opening up new forms of expression and collaboration.

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