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From Sorrento the moving memory of Paolo Taviani

Leonora Addio“(Goodbye Leonora), the director’s latest film, received the prestigious Sorrento Peninsula Award from the Municipality of Sorrento in 2022.

Sorrento (Na) – The coastal city of cinema remembers the genius of Paolo Taviani whose latest film, “Leonora Addio“, won the prestigious Sorrento Peninsula Award, promoted by the municipal administration of Sorrento, directed by Massimo Coppola.

After the Director’s remote contribution, the film’s producer, Donatella Palermo, and the lead actor Fabrizio were there to collect the award – delivered on the stage of the Tasso Theater by the event director Mario Esposito and the television presenter Alessandra Viero. Ferracane.

Leonora Addio“, Paolo Taviani’s last film without his brother Vittorio (to whom the film is dedicated), was the only Italian film in competition in Berlin that year. It tells the daring adventure of Pirandello’s ashes and the eventful journey of his urn from Rome to Agrigento, until the troubled burial which took place fifteen years after his death.

Closing the black and white film is a color episode, taken from the last story of the Nobel Prize winner for literature, written 20 days before his death: a story of immigration and profound pain.

Leonora Addio evokes the Pirandelline suggestion in the non-solitary solitude of a great master who soars on the wings of the absurd, the grotesque, the daring, the painful and the existential“, reads the motivation for the recognition promoted by the Municipality of Sorrento with which the coastal community expresses its memory and homage to one of the great masters of Italian cinema.

In the photo: Alessandra Viero on stage at the Teatro Tasso in Sorrento with Donatella Palermo, producer of Paolo Taviani’s latest film; “Leonora Addio”, awarded the Sorrento Peninsula Award.