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Flirting with flavors

Natasha’s adventure and her hilarious recipe videos – By N. Yakova

San Giorgio a Cremano, a picturesque town nestled on the slopes of the majestic Vesuvius, in addition to being the birthplace of our beloved Massimo Troisi, is the birthplace of Natascia, a social media celebrity.

The young girl has captured the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts across the platforms of Tik Tok and Instagram.
Her journey from a quaint town to becoming a famous culinary influencer is nothing short of inspiring. Amid the challenges of the pandemic, Natasha found herself at a crossroads and without a job. However, true to her strong Neapolitan spirit, she turned this setback into an opportunity to pursue her passion for cooking. With unwavering determination, she embarked on a culinary adventure, sharing her delicious recipes with the world. Cooking has always been a source of fascination for Natascia.

I have always been passionate about cooking. As a teenager, sometimes, I even skipped school to watch the TV show La Prova del Cuoco (The Cook’s Test)”

Yet little did she know that this initial passion would blossom into a thriving career as a culinary content creator. Today, with more than 680K followers on TikTok and 466K on Instagram, Natascia is one of the most loved cooks, who delights her audience with appetizing and easy-to-make video recipes.

After the end of the lock-down, the charm of homemade pasta, delicious desserts and gourmet dishes has continued to fascinate people. In the post-pandemic period, Italians have turned to home cooking for convenience and creativity and the Neapolitan cook has seen her popularity increase dramatically thanks to her charisma and friendliness.

Natascia Borrelli - natascia88insta

However, the journey to culinary stardom has not been without its challenges. Natascia had to face criticism from some followers for her Neapolitan language. Despite this, she remained undeterred, she embraced her roots and showcased the vibrant and colorful nuances of the Neapolitan language.
Her witty and engaging style endeared her to audiences, who appreciated her authenticity and humor. In a world flooded with Italian recipe content, Natascia’s decision to share her recipes in Neapolitan sets her apart.
Her unique approach highlights the rich cultural heritage of Naples, adding a layer of authenticity and charm to her content. Through her videos she not only shares recipes but also preserves and celebrates Neapolitan culinary traditions. Her rise to fame brought significant changes to her life. She is now recognized wherever she goes, with fans eagerly awaiting her latest culinary creations. Despite the busy schedule, she remains dedicated to her family, partner and young daughter, balancing her social media presence with real-life responsibilities. As she continues to inspire and delight her audience with her culinary prowess, she remains grounded and grateful for the support she has received.

Natascia’s story is a testimony to the strength of passion, perseverance and the indestructible spirit of Neapolitan cuisine. To get to know her better, we have asked her some questions that go beyond simple culinary advices.

Are the recipes you propose your own inventions? If so, what are you inspired by?

N.B.: “I have always loved and watched cooking TV shows. I like to see and discover new dishes. However most of the recipes I make are my own inventions. Every day I ask my partner what he wants to eat and he replies, for example, -I would like meat- and I think how I can cook it and so I create the recipe following personal taste.”

Since you became popular on social media, what do you find has changed in your life?

N.B.: “Well, today people recognize me: Well, today people recognize me: – Are you the one who says: E comme sempe bbon appetito? (And, as always, buon appetito!)-  –  Are you the one who says:due uova di gallina coccodè? (two chicken eggs klək klək) –  Every now and then they ask me – what are we eating tonight? –  In reality I record the recipes first, then I double them and then I decide which one to publish. I receive many messages to find out, for example, how many eggs are needed in a particular dish, or how long a dish needs to cook… Then they write to me: – You’re good! –  – Thanks for this recipe! –  Anytime I can, I reply to everyone. But slowly, because they are many!”

How do you manage your time between social media and real life?

N.B.: “I have to dedicate time to my work and real life. And, above all, to my partner and my little girl. The great thing about social media is that at a certain point you can stop and turn off your phone.
I activated the notification on my phone. As soon as I exceed a certain amount of time it notifies me and I put it aside. Otherwise it becomes slavery. I want to hope that no one will come knocking on my door asking for a recipe! LOL!”

Would you eat synthetic meat and cricket flour?

N.B.: “But how do you do it?! With the Mediterranean cuisine we have here in Italy, how can you eat crickets? I respect those who eat crickets, snakes… Because they have another culture, but they shouldn’t impose it on others. Why do we have to eat them too? Everyone eats what they want! Obviously farmers are right to protest and I am on their side.
What is synthetic meat for? Do they want to do it? Let them do it but we must be able to be free to choose! Last night I prepared Gnocchi alla Sorrentina. I’ve wanted them for a long time! I cooked them with meatballs in sauce. We eat everything. My partner is gaining weight because I make him taste everything I cook. He is the critic. We work as a team and it has to be like this, otherwise we won’t move forward. If my partner decides to diet, he’ll ruin me! Who eats all these delicacies?”
(she smiles ed.)

caprese cake slice


…E comme sempe: Bbon Appetito!

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