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Events at The House of the Neapolitan Mandolin

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October 2022 – January 2023 schedule

La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano (The House of the Neapolitan Mandolin)
piazzetta Museo Filangieri, 247 Napoli

Wednesday October 19th 2022 4.30PM
The press conference for the presentation of the Music / Theatrical program from October 2022 to January 2023 will take place on Wednesday October 19th at 4:30PM at La Casa Del Mandolino Napoletano, which is the seat of the Neapolitan Mandolin Academy. It will be an intense Autumn, full of events, concerts, prose and music performances, dance.

The artists are many. There will be actors, directors, musicians, singers, excellence of the theatrical, musical and dance scene who, with enthusiasm, accepted the invitation to perform at La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano, and who, with their works and artistic projects, have contributed to the creation of a varied, fun, elegant and thick calendar. In fact, the characteristic of the series of shows that we will present is precisely that of having diversified the proposal, offering the public an exciting and exciting journey into theater and music.

La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano, concert hall and music school, is the keeper of one of the symbols of Neapolitan tradition and culture, the Mandolin, understood as a cultured instrument, La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano is as well a place for study and dissemination, it is a full-fledged candidate to become a space usable and inclusive, a reference point for artists and for lovers of music, theater and art.

The evening will be attended by Mauro Squillante (president of AMN), Adolfo Tronco (Artistic Director), Gloria Greco (singer), Maestro Franco Farina (pianist), Anita Pavone (actress) Mariella Pandolfi (pianist), Davide Brandi Ass. Lazzari and many other artists who will present the show in programming.

La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano
Piazzetta Filangieri Museum, 247 – Napoli
cozy and atmospheric space, site
in front of the Filangieri Museum

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Artistic direction: Adolfo Tronco
Public relations: Liliana Mastropaolo