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Eternity jazz night

After the soft opening in February, finally in March there was the definitive reopening and, at Chess Park Lounge, the appointments of the new year have resumed after the block of the pandemic.

From Monday to Sunday, the venue, which, pay attention to the name, is not really a lounge but a stylish restaurant with a full bar, offers live music and entertainment.

At the entrance you will be welcomed by the warm hospitality and the sweet smile of Juanita, the hostess of this fashionable European-inspired setting where Wednesdays are signed by Eternity Jazz band.

Featuring musicians from Armenia, Iran and Southern Italy, Eternity presents a repertoire of original instrumental songs, also giving the audience some gems of successful, sung, cover songs such as Besame Mucho (Velázquez / Skylar); Historia de un amor (Almaran / De Mello); Spanvac Aghavni (Hayko), a beautiful Armenian song whose title means Killed Pigeon; and the timeless and highly appreciated Torna a Surriento (G. De Curtis) and ‘O Sole Mio (Capurro / Di Capua) that always make overseas listeners fall in love.

The jazz pieces, most of which have been composed by accordionist and pianist Harutyun Chiroglyan, embrace world music nuances. It is a pleasant fusion that captures all types of audiences.

The diners leave the tables to approach the stage letting themselves be overwhelmed by the sound and to take pictures and make videos. The first supporter is the successful entrepreneur Ararat Agakhanyan, founder and president of the well-known Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria chain as well as the owner of Chess Park Lounge, who is also a music lover.

That of Eternity Jazz band is an engaging show. The notes the talented Chiroglyan on the piano are joined by the solid basis of the rhythmic session consisting of Hrayr Mirzakhanyan on drums and Daniele De Cario on bass. The band is enriched by the particular sound of Armen Stepanyan’s duduk and is often engaged in captivating improvisations and extraordinary subtleties by all the members of the band, being elevated by Mediterranean sounds.

Starting from 7PM, until closing, the band performs 4 sets, adding, almost every week, new instrumental pieces and also songs sung by the bass player, in English, Spanish, Neapolitan and Italian.

From the very first set, Eternity Jazz Band captures even those strolling on Brand Avenue.

This time the opening of the concert is entrusted to a blues by the Armenian composer entitled Harutyun Bluesyan, followed by a Besame Mucho, rearranged with Stepanian’s duduk.

Path to the Unknown, sweet and mysterious, is another original piece that might reflect the particular historical moment we are currently experiencing. In Spanvac Aghavni (Killed Pigeon) the musicians delighted the guests of the venue with amazing solos. After instrumental pieces it is the turn of Spain, by Chick Corea, sung by De Cario and made even more magical by the sound of Stepanian’s duduk. And so it continues on the waves of a pleasantly even more “contaminated” jazz, until 11PM.

Harutyun Chiroglyan’s contemporary jazz is a journey through human and soulful vibes featuring also odd meters common to the genre itself and which are typical of both the Balkans and the Middle East. His way to play is very passionate, showing his deep devotion to music. Some of Chiroglyan’s compositions are published in the cd entitled Eternity, others are unpublished. Hopefully they are close to publication.

To find out more, we asked him a few questions.

NAP: How comes the band name (and song title) Eternity? –

H.C. – In fact the “Eternity” is the Instrumental composition’s name from my album “Eternity”
If you listen to the track, it has flowing notes passage in the A section. It is like the passage goes on endlessly. It was the first composition in that album which gave me inspiration to continue composing new pieces. Thus as I was playing the song from Eternity album with my band we decided to give the band the same name: ” Eternity “. –

NAP – What does inspire you when you compose? –

H.C. – Its very interesting question. Usually I am inspired by happy mood, stunning nature and by kind actions of people. However most of all the main key of my inspiration is the presence of Holy Spirit which is spurring my heart with pure love that comes only from our savior, Jesus Christ. –

NAP – What is a song of your repertoire that means a lot to you? And why? –

H.C. – All my compositions are dear to me and all pieces have there own value for me. –

NAP – Is there something you want people to know about your music? –

H.C. – I don’t know if you have noticed I play from heart, with lot of passion, as I do it with love and total devotion in music. Thanks God that he has given me talent to be original, to improvise based on my emotions, feelings that makes my music to sound unique and one of a kind. –

NAP – Sooner or later are you going to release a new cd with your new songs? –

NAP – Yes I have been thinking about it lately. I have already decided the title for the next album which is “Return to the Roots” because the pieces are based on folk elements. –

Watch and listen to Eternity Jazz Band on a taste of Krvatsaghik by Harutyun Chiroglyan.

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