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El Tango del Diez

The new short film Inspired by the genius of Diego Armando Maradona directed by Tullio Imperatore.

Despite having studied law, the Neapolitan Tullio Imperatore has never lost his curiosity and interest in film productions. As a young director he collaborated with established actors such as Cristina Donadio, Nunzia Schiano and Maurizio Casagrande and is already established in this sector.

He got his first prize in 2009 with a short film entitled “Green Economy”. After several other works, all available on Prime Video, last September 15th, the NPS media productions presented “El Tango del Diez” at The Plaza in Napoli.

Directed by Imperatore and with the music of pianist and composer Alberto Pizzo, “El Tango del Diez” is a stimulating production that will lift you up! It is not a music video but a short film. As Imperatore points out:

“We preferred to give the viewer the typical experience of a short film. Furthermore, this gave us the opportunity to tell a story that sees music and images going hand in hand in perfect balance. “

Beyond his talent as a soccer player, it is a fact that Diego Armando Maradona still inspires many people today. We often see Alberto Pizzo wearing the Argentine champion’s shirt but also the Neapolitan director, although he is not a soccer fan, was inspired by the figure of Diez as well as by Pizzo’s music. A mutual friend, Gabriella, knowing about his familiarity with Japan, put him in contact with the pianist.

When they met Imperatore and Pizzo became simply Alberto and Tullio. Alberto made Tullio listen to his Tango. The director describes that moment like this:

“While Alberto was playing I saw the scenes of the short film flowing by. Listening to Alberto’s music made me see myself and rediscover a world of feelings and emotions that I tried to convey through this short film”.

Alberto Pizzo_Napulitanamente2021 (1)And we can say that he did it very well. At first the short conveys a lot of tenderness and other different feelings depending on everyone’s experience. However, it is pleasantly enjoyable by everyone. Whether it is watched by a teenager or by anyone older, this little masterpiece gets you very positive effects. There is poetry in it that unfolds through intense emotions also unveiling extraordinary interpreters like Pizzo himself and the opera singer Yuki Sunami.

“El Tango del Diez” is the story of a teenager who discovers the legendary soccer champion, an inspiration that will help him to find his own way and to be proud of himself.

TI: “Be yourself and you will find your way. In this sentence lies the whole essence of the short. It invites us not to be afraid of ourselves, even if this means accepting that we are different from others “.

The short film was shot in Napoli, Tokyo and Matsuyama at the Iyo Yumemiraikan Auditorium and the Yamaha Ginza (with the assistance of Yamaha Music Entertainment Japan). Tullio Imperatore is very attached to Napoli which has always been the background to his personal and artistic growth path. According to him “it is so beautiful that it would be a shame not to show it to the world”.

Currently “El Tango del Diez” participates in preview in numerous international festivals, obtaining prestigious victories and nominations, from the Port Blair International Film Festival to the Paris Film Festival, passing through Tokyo, Rome, London and Stockholm. Like other NPS film projects, El Tango del Diez also aims to be distributed on digital platforms around the world, mainly Prime Video.

El Tango del Diez Short Film by Tullio Imperatore

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