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Cultures and Territories volume II is out.

The volume Cultures and Territories / Quaderni di environmental and social themes II, published by Disvelare edizioni, is now out.

«Per un’ecologia integrale»(For an integral ecology). This is the opening of the second volume of Culture e Territori / Quaderni di tematiche ambientali e sociali (Cultures and Territories / Quaderni series on environmental and social issues), published by Disvelare edizioni.
The orientation of the renewed publishing project is immediately explained in a note that recalls the encyclical Laudato si ‘by Pope Bergoglio.

A book full of inquiries and testimonies on: asbestos, poaching, environmental disasters, the fight against the Camorra, community agriculture and much more.
A militant publishing project, with an integral vision of ecology: environmental but which is also social, political and, above all, spiritual.

With the release of the book, the ethical advertising campaign conceived by Officina Mirabilis starts at the same time. The message is, in fact, for an integral ecology.
The photos chosen are four images of denunciation, all in black and white, taken between Napoli and Nola.



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