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Children’s rights on Christmas time. The abuse of power of social services.

Illegal adoptions, prostitution, slavery, drug experimentation and other crimes, from East to West, that of children is one of the most profitable businesses.
Everywhere the picture is alarming.

The institutions seem to be sensitized and active on the subject, “We must protect children’s rights”, they say. In fact, reality gets out of hand.

Not infrequently the investigations on neglection or possible abuse are, sometimes not deeply verified. Such conduct leads to conclusions that may turn out to be far from the real facts. In this case, the consequent measures established by the institutions can worsen the situation by further destabilizing the child’s psyche and his relationship with his own parents.
Removing a child from their parents is a serious matter that should not be taken superficially. It is even more delicate placing the child in an unfamiliar context where he does not have the possibility to see or talk to his parents whenever he wants, where he does not have the his own things, where he does not have the familiar warmth.
Unfortunately, many good parents have their children torn up assuming that they are abusive parents, or that they are unable to raise their offspring, or that they are too poor to be able to ensure them a dignified life.
Meanwhile, the children suffer trauma. Parents can’t see them for months, for years. If the accusations against the parents are false, even if they prove the contrary of the facts reported, it takes a long time before they can hug their kids again, and this is not sure that will happen.

In California, the problems related to the children custody system are not few.
A child can be taken from the family for reasons of violence, or drug abuse by the parents, because (it seems strange but it is the truth) he spends too much time on a video game, or for reasons of poverty.
In this case, instead of supporting families in difficulty with a safe job, a decent home and social support, or, in the case of a videogame addition, re-educating the family by supporting it in the education of children, the system prefers to separate family members entrusting children to fake parents. There are foster homes and welfare centers that create the appearance of activity without actually taking any real action for the well-being of children and without any plans for their future. In addition, perverse incentives and a lack of monitoring among private agencies that supervise foster homes have led to patterns of children and youth abuse. I wonder if the incentives are the same ones that favor the trouble-teen industry.

In Italy the situation is no better. With the Bibbiano scandal, in Emilia Romagna, issues directly related to the illegitimate custody of minors with many children torn, without reason, from their natural families have emerged. Since then, it seems that a greater national awareness has been moving in this regard, but it is only a media feeling because those who really work for the rights of children, and the parents themselves, do not get concrete action from the institutions.
Many children illegally taken from their parents have got finally back to their own families. Unfortunatelly in the case of other investigations many children have already been adopted and the destination of some of them is unknown.

It is a fact that in Italy the business of social services feeds a round of money that exceeds one billion euros a year through family homes, psychological paths, protected or observed encounters, home visits, and entrusting to new families, feeding a turnover for services that would have otherwise no reason to be provided and which are also vitiated by reasons triggered in bad faith.
The modus operandi of some territorial social services appears to be in contrast with the Italian current legislation on the subject . They consider themselves entitled to take measures. Last November, at a meeting of the Parliamentary Commission on activities related to family-type communities that welcome children, emerged serious dysfunctions in the system of social services but have also been proposed solutions whose implementation should be a priority for the community.

The situation is urgent because social services have too much power and no control.

It seems to be a systemic problem that unites Italy and California. A trap of social services that collaborates in enriching the psychiatric supply chain.

The Italian constitutional charter affirms the non-negotiable right of the minor to be educated within the family and gives the state the task of intervening to support families in difficulty. The UN commission on the rights of the child, established the family as the fundamental nucleus of society and the natural environment for the growth and well-being of all its members, especially minors.
In order for children to grow up in a serene atmosphere of happiness and attention they must be surrounded by love and understanding, they have the right to grow up in a family, with the care of a family, preferably their own.
These are all beautiful words that have also been embraced by Italy. Unfortunately remain words, given the bitter reality.

There are cases in which children are unjustly stolen from their parents, often without their knowledge, or in a devious way. Beyond the pain of separation from family, childhood is denied them, their thoughts are manipulated and their natural parents are often definitively annulled. All this goes against all human logic and is unnatural and unacceptable.

This is the story of a father, a Neapolitan who lives in Toscana.His name is Cristian Vacca and he lived a peaceful life with his wife, whom he loved and with whom he had three children.After 18 years of marriage, his life, and that of the whole family, was turned upside down in an instant. He was kicked out of his home and reported to the police.Following fake declarations and an accusation from his wife, the social services, more exactly SDS Area Pratese, and the UFSMIA, psychologists of the ASL (Local Health Unit), made statements that lead to the opening of an investigation on him as a violent father and husband.These were unfounded accusations but Cristian had to prove it.

During the first period of the pandemic, everything was taken away from him. He had no place to stay.For some time he even lived on 70 euros a month. Alone, Cristian experiences a nightmare. He resisted thanks to the help of his mother, who lives in Napoli, and his friends. However he needed a lawyer and he couldn’t afford it.

Cristian is an honest man, with strong values. He was like this as a boy at high school, and he still is today. Being an empathetic man with great inner strength, optimism and tenacity helps him to not get discouraged.

The first year and a half of this nightmare, in order to protect his children, Cristian did not talk about this story.Although one day he received a request to take away his parental authority and to won’t let him see the children again. His salary goes almost entirely to his wife, however he is not elegible to get a free lawyer.He asked for help through every possible channel, writing to television stations, to radio channels, to national newspapers. He started posting videos on youtube and opened a blog through which he spread his story asking for help.

The blog is called Cari Figli Miei (My Dear Sons) and it is a social denunciation that he defines as a “protest,which he is doing by respecting values, politely but firm and decisive”. Initially he believed to be the only one to suffer these injustices. Although his story reached many other parents who wrote to him and shared their experiences.

The stories of the fathers are similar to his experience. The stories of the mothers are different but also appear to be systematic. Cristian realized that he could be the victim of a precise system. A system that provides, with different strategies, schemes to trap both fathers and mothers. The victims are separated couples, those in difficulty, those who are most vulnerable.

At the beginning of 2021 he was allowed to see his children in protected encounters. In this case, a parent is not expected to call their children, for this reason, without even hear their voices, Cristian suffered a lot.

During some protected meetings it happened that those present, invited Cristian to say certain things to his sons. He didn’t fit in, and with the education and clarity that distinguish him, he explained that he would tell his children only what he deemed to be right and appropriate. The refusal to say what had been insistently suggested to him, brought the entitled social services to act badly. They reacted by sending a manipulated report to the Court of Appeal so that the judge immediately suspended the encounters because Cristian was considered dangerous for the children. Cristian was investigated and, although the complaints have been filed, he continues to be the subject of complaints by his wife. However his desperation transforms into determination fueled by the love for his children and the trust in justice.

In July 2021, the Court of Appeal of Florence ruled that from August he could see his children again for 3 months in supervised encounters. After that, from November, the encounters would become not supervised and without any interference of social services.

A glimmer of light opens up but it is still not enough. It will never be enough for a father or a mother who loves their children.

It also happened that those in charge of the social services dealing with Cristian’s case were promptly removed from office.

On October 2nd Cristian was mysteriously attacked by a stranger. The police are investigating and the reasons that are still unknown. Someone broke his Achille’s tendon and now he is walking on crutches.

Cristian’s story, like so many others of parents who are victims of this violence, is painful and is made even more complicated by the emergency situation that seems to become an excuse for everything that happens or doesn’t happen.

Everything moves slowly and time is little. Once lost, childhood does not return.

Almost three years have passed since the real beginning of this story and Christmas, the holiday that most of all represents the family, is upon us.

For Christmas Holidays Cristian will be able to see his children for 10 hours only. He can see them on Christmas Day, for 5 hours and so on January 1st.

Even if an expansion phase has being allowed by the courtroom, and in spite of Cristian’ countless requests, with different PECs, to the social services, they have not updated the situation yet and the frequency of Cristian’s encounters with his sons has remained the same.

It is the third year that the well-being of his children has been ignored, and their childhood denied for a clear responsibility of social services.

Is there a certain sadism in this silence or is it simply unconsciousness and irresponsibility? The “deviant” social services collect money, favor the enrichment of the psychiatric supply chain and, even worse, they support the spread of a sick belief, which arises from studies on the modification of behavior psychologically, chemically and by means of infernal machines .

Meanwhile, for the umpteenth time Cristian has asked the social services for a very urgent intervention to safeguard the well-being of his children.He has been subjected to slanderous charges for crimes he never committed.

Although the prosecutor is still investigating him. Cristian knows the truth and social services are aware of the statements made by their officials who have since been removed from office.

Cristian asks for immediate intervention of social services so that he and the children can see each other during these Christmas holidays for a longer and congruous period of time.

Otherwise they will be clearly responsible for yet another failure to intervene in favor of children’s rights.

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