You are currently viewing Our first sponsor is not Italian. She trusted our project by supporting the spread of Southern culture.

Our first sponsor is not Italian. She trusted our project by supporting the spread of Southern culture.

36 years old and proud of her multicultural background. Erika was born in Tokyo, Japan. Although she has been in the United States since she was a child, she is still very attached to Japanese culture, especially delicious food! Erika is a dynamic and sunny woman. She loves traveling, rock climbing, cycling and cooking. She also devotes time to time her dear ones.As a sporty woman she is careful to eat healthy. In her travels she has not miss Napoli which she likes very much, and she also loves our food. In Napoli she has been happy to find any type of food. Through her BeFitWith Erika YouTube channel she spreads a good method to live in balance through a daily workout and a healthy and nutritious diet.

Q – What is BeFitWithErika? –

EG – BeFitWithErika is an online youtube and instagram platform where I share follow-along workouts, healthy recipes, and other tips to live your best life. I hope to inspire people to do what they can to take small steps toward better health and happiness by leading by example. –

Q – What did take you to follow an healthier life style? –

EG – From a young age, my parents taught me about the value of cooking high quality, healthy food and exposed me to foods from all different cultures. I also loved playing sports from a young age, starting out with soccer when I was six, transitioning to lacrosse at age 14 and then cycling at age 19. My father died of pancreatic cancer when I was 20 and that really made me think even more seriously about the relationship between food and health. After trying several different styles of eating, I have found the vegan diet and lifestyle one that makes me feel full of energy, has kept me from getting sick enough, economical, and easy for me to sustain. –

Q – What did you expect before visiting Napoli? –

EG – I had heard about the beautiful city by the sea, delicious pizza, and friendly people. –

Q – Have you seen, in Napoli, anything that surprised you? –

EG – I was surprised to see all of the murals and monuments to Maradona. With my friend Ingrid as a tour guide, she took us to a cafe with a little altar to Maradona that included a bottle with his hair. I had never seen that level of reverence for a sports star before – it was fun to see. –

Q – How about the food in Napoli? –

EG – The food was spectacular! We went to Lโ€™Antica Pizzeria da Michele and had the best pizza I have ever had in my life. It was worth the long wait to get in, and the pizza chefs were kind enough to take a picture with us after we ate. Our first night in Napoli, we ate at Monsu restaurant down a charming alley, sitting outside on the street. The melanzana was the softest most delicious melanzana we had ever had, and the ambiance of the evening street lights and old architecture around us was lovely. –

Q – What other cities of Southern Italy have you visited? –

EG – I have also been to Rome, Sorrento, Capri, and several towns along the Amalfi Coast. If I had to pick one of them to live in, it would be Napoli or Rome. –

Q – How about your support to Napulitanamente magazine? –

EG – I love the variety of topics covered in the magazine from food to music to history. It is constantly evolving with interesting new topics in each issue. And the people behind the magazine genuinely care about sharing their culture authentically. I highly recommend it! –
Follow along and keep your body in shape with Be Fit With Erika.