You are currently viewing At “Casa Sanremo” among books, music and a photo of King Charles of England.

At “Casa Sanremo” among books, music and a photo of King Charles of England.

At Casa Sanremo(Sanremo’s home) Writers the Municipality of San Giorgio La Molara (Benevento) presents “Claudio Barontini Photos“. The exhibition book also features a photo of King Charles of England.

Sanremo, February 7th, 2024 – There is also a photo of King Charles, the sovereign who is keeping England in suspense, among the characters portrayed by the Livorno photographer Claudio Barontini. On Friday February 9th, at 4pm, in the literary showcase of Casa Sanremo (event created by Vincenzo Russolillo to accompany the Italian Song Festival) the Author together with Giuseppe Leone, artistic director of the municipality of San Giorgio La Molara (Benevento), will present : “Claudio Barontini Photos“.

The cultural delegation, led by the director of the Sorrento Peninsula Award Mario Esposito, will be welcomed by the team of the special “writers” section of the ligustic event, made up of the Viridiana journalists Myriam Salerno, Patrizia D’Amora and Alfonso Papa.

The photographic volume that will be presented to guests from Sanremo, published by Bandecchi & Vivaldi, constitutes the summary of an exhibition (curators Alessandro and Maurizio Iazeolla) that the Administration of the small Campania village directed by Nicola De Vizio, in collaboration with the Exordium Association and the Fortore Mountain Community chaired by Zaccaria Spina, promoted last summer at the municipal art gallery.

It is therefore a document, a photographer’s travel diary and an initiative that has turned the spotlight on Campania’s hidden beauties, starting a cultural journey inspired by Italo Calvino and the “invisible cities”, revealed through art. The initiative lands in the famous City of Flowers, which gave roots to the twentieth-century writer.

Claudio Barontini’s photographic volume – writes Giuseppe Leone in the introductory text – is populated “with images of women, directors, artists, sovereigns, timeless genius, in which the photographer is a contemporary Ulysses, explorer of absences and latitudes”.

Particularly interesting and eagerly awaited at Casa Sanremo Writers is the participation of Claudio Barontini for his musical, as well as photographic, training. The artist from Livorno was, in fact, Milva’s bassist and with her, for about eight years, he played and traveled on tour with concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York, Boston, Toronto, Hamburg, in other main European cities and naturally throughout Italy.

As a photographer he has exhibited and worked in international cities including Paris and New York. He has a clear vocation for photographic images, halfway between exhibition activity and that of a photojournalist. In 1995 he was, in fact, called to participate in the creation of the zero issues of the Mondadori project for the weekly magazine “Chi”.

In his long career he has portrayed hundreds and hundreds of characters, many of whom (together with the English sovereign) are included in this photographic catalogue, protagonist of Casa Sanremo Writers: Patti Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Lindsay Kemp, Pietro Cascella, Vittorio Gassmann, Franco Zeffirelli, just to name a few.