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Napulitanamente is a magazine about Neapolitan heritage which, for historical and geographical reasons, extends its interest to the entire Mediterranean area.

Founded in 2020 published by Low Pulse Project it presents an online version, constantly updated, and a semi-annual paper publication, plus a free printable Christmas release.

Napulitanamente is completely and truly independent and it is read and appreciated worldwide with the consent of over 9K monthly readers and about 16K followers on social media.

The website presents a wide range of articles, always updated, ranging from the history, language, art, photography, theater, cinema, music, philosophy, poetry, to sports, lifestyle and business. It also features audio and video interviews, and shares chats and letters with immigrants from all over the world.

The paper version

Napulitanamente magazine is a luxury publication, half book and half magazine. It features 66 pages of articles about history, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, cinema, theater, music, photography, craftsmanship, philosophy, lifestyle, sport, business, Mediterranean cuisine and more. Alongside the interviews with celebrities and successful artists, it features stories of lesser-known but very talented artists.


Our goals are to help the readers to better understand the reality of the facts, eliminating any misunderstanding widespread throughout the world, and to promote extraordinary talents from our lands.

Differences from other publications

There are some things that make Napulitanamente unique. Napulitanamente presents a detailed but impartial view of the Mediterranean area and what it has to offer. We publish original content while always maintaining a very objective approach. This editorial project works as a beautiful showcase where the promotion of emerging talents is completely free and is enriched through projects and events to increase their visibility. Furthermore, our website is powered by wind energy, which means it is 100% eco-friendly, truly green!

Napulitanamente magazine issue no.8 – April 1st, 2024.


Centuries of extraordinary history and world records prove that Naples, and all of Southern Italy, are among the most beautiful and rich places in the world and we aim to help people discover this area, while also informing them about what is unknown to them. We strive to keep the spirit of this place alive, inspiring everyone to at least try it.


At Napulitanamente we want to ensure that we keep alive the cultural heritage not only of Naples but of the entire Southern Italy, lying in the cradle of an immense intellectual and artistic heritage: the Mediterranean area, a hotbed of beauty and wonder which Europe and the entire Western world learned from. Everything fromour art to history and tradition needs to be preserved, and we are on a mission to help with that. In addition, we want to keep people from all over the world connected to this incredible mix of cultures.


Napulitanamente is a publication focused on professionalism, transparency, unity and respect. We value our Neapolitan roots and we are committed to offering unbiased, high quality content that helps cement the legacy of all Neapolitans, while also inspiring everyone else to visit and respect this fantastic world!

In this world of progress, in this world full of missiles and atomic bombs, I think that Naples is still the last hope humanity has to survive.” Luciano De Crescenzo โ€“ Engineer, writer, actor, director, philosopher.


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