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A desperate father asking for help

His son was stolen right under his nose and taken from Lombardy to Sicily. It all started when his ex-girlfriend had robbed him of all his belongings and then reported him, inventing a violence. The machinery of social services was thus set in motion but, instead of resolving, it complicated the situation.

Mario demonstrated in court that his ex-partner’s statements were unfounded and the judge ordered social services to organize meetings between father and son. However, the social services did not fulfill their duty, worsening the relationship between the two ex-partners and exposing their baby to a greater risk of instability.

The young father then began to document and denounce the distortions in the work of those social services. Every day he protested peacefully, sitting on a blue bench, on which he had written the names and surnames of those who he believed were responsible for the injustice done to him. He only asked for explanations, clarifications as to why social services were not following the law.

Even though his protest was peaceful and polite, he only received indifference, so much so that, at a certain point, dejected, disheartened, exhausted, and without any more hope, he set himself on fire in his car. Another process began, compulsory health treatment, psychologists, money that goes away, protocols to follow, bureaucracy and very long times.

Finally the social services organized video calls between dad and son.

Then some times he was able to go to Sicily to visit his child. He spent a few hours with him. He brought clothes, shoes, toys and gave, on his own initiative, a check to his ex girlfriend, to help with the expenses for the baby. But still, both social services and the child’s mother are hostile and always make things difficult.

Mario, also known as Papà Coraggio, is living a terrible nightmare from which he cannot escape.

Since 5 years now he is suffering retaliation for having publicly reported facts. He suffered false complaints; he was robbed; humiliated; subjected to tests and investigations, all at his expense, and also lost his job.

Mario is currently in great difficulty because he no longer has money. For three months he hasn’t paid the rent on the apartment he lives in, he can’t pay the bills, he doesn’t have the money to afford a lawyer and the worse is that he cannot afford to go to Sicily to visit his son!

Mario was convenient for followers and associations when he told his experience and documented the “modus operandi” of deviant social services, he was useful when he warned other parents who live in similar situations. Now the solidarity groups and various associations have disappeared and no one cares about him anymore.

In the past, several times we asked him if he needed help. Even when he lost his car due to the fire, but he always replied with great dignity that there was no need because he still had a job and he could get by. But now he no longer has any resources, he is at the bottom of the barrel.

This is the reason why, before it’s too late, we want to ask for support.

Mario needs 10,000 euros to pay for medical visits, legal fees, bills and rent arrears. Each donation will be documented by Mario himself.
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